hua tuo not let the patient near the female color wife back home after a night after the patient died

speaking of our ancient country that the famous god doctor, i believe we first thought is hua tuo it, he and dong feng, zhang zhongjing collectively referred to as jian'an three physicians.hua tuo's medicine is very superb, it can be said that each section he knows a little, he is best at the shell surgery, i believe this should be the most clear, he had to help guan yu scraping bone poison, which is for the change to now there are few doctors can do this moreover, in the ancient kind of medical technology is very poor conditions, which also proved hua tuo's medicine is very clever, but also because this hua is known as the"surgical originator"; in addition, hua tuo in medicine, gynecological child care and other subjects is also a very high attainments, and he also invented the world's first anesthetic-hemp powder scattered.

in addition to the above, everyone is familiar with, i believe that he for the tragedy of the tragedy of the matter is also familiar with the the three friends should know that cao cao has been suffering from headaches of this problem, he also saw a lot of the doctor, but there is no use.later, cao cao learned that hua tuo medical clever, they sent to find china for their own doctor.

cao cao's skull, remove the inside of some of the fluid, so that you can cure, of course, in this process will use the development of anesthesia hua tuo.but cao cao this person was very suspicious, after that hua tuo to crush after the very fear, but also that hua tuo this is to his life, to know at that time no one heard the craniotomy of this saying, it is no wonder that cao cao will think that china will be his life, after the hua tuo to kill.

in addition to the above we are familiar with the hua tuo medical aspects of the rank, in the"three kingdoms"which also recorded a lot.for example, in the eastern han dynasty, ganling county, the prime minister of the wife after six months of pregnancy, one day suddenly a special stomach pain know a pregnant woman belly special pain, certainly the stomach of the fetus what this end in such circumstances, the family learned that hua tuo medical clever, immediately asked hua tuo to pregnant women for treatment.hua tuo came after the diagnosis of pregnant women found pregnant women in the belly of the fetus died in the abdomen, no wonder pregnant women will have piercing pain.

after the diagnosis, hua tuo to prime minister a maidservant stroked the belly of pregnant women to see the fetus on that side, if the boy on the left, if the girl is on the right.maidservants after touching, told hua tuo fetus on the left side of his wife, hua tuo that the fetus is a boy, then hua tuo opened a medicine to pregnant women to drink, really did not how long pregnant women on the flow of a baby boy, to solve the problem of pregnant women, pain, really powerful, worthy of the gods hua tuo.< br/>

for example, in the eastern han dynasty, an officer's son was seriously ill, in order to cure his son's disease, sent to hua tuo invited.hua tuo to help its diagnosis, found that the disease is improving, eat their own medicine, slowly will be good, when leaving the special told the patient said:you are now the body is still very virtual, the body have to slowly nursed back to health, during which time not close to the female color, or will be tongue and death, death is extremely cruel.later, the patient's wife learned that her husband's illness after the good, from the place outside the hundred miles came to see her husband, the evening two"stop delivery"of the night, not long before the patient appeared in hua tuo said the outcome, close to the female color tongue and died.

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