do you think doctors do not tell you baby is male or female? just you do not understand it!

"lie down!"

"clothes up to"

"turn over!"

, go out to get the report, the next one!"

are you familiar with this scene? in the hospital's b-room, every day in the repeated repeating the scene, and one after another pregnant women are also the implementation of the doctor's account of the action.

do not bear the doctor's dry face.for them, the two most important things during pregnancy, one is concerned about the baby's health, the other thing is that many mothers want to know the sex of the fetus, for this thing, and doctors wits, but try but do not get a good face, no matter how oral it does not matter, the heart is still very eager to know.

in the music group, there was more than one treasure mother recalling the medical examination, complaining that the doctor did not give any information, and one by one like eating explosives fact, sometimes the doctor does not say, but the words are too obscure!

look through the doctor's"routines"by the following moments

@an into mom:weekend with her daughter to do the second child of the seizure, and finished the doctor and chat:"doctor, my daughter at home that is a brother in the stomach, said the child is accurate, do not know right ah?"the doctor smiled and said:"child can not letter, are nonsense."a list of words, i understand, it should be a girl.a few months later, born really daughter.

@life no love:we had done after the birth control, did not ask, the doctor said that the money to go home ready to go, then made mongolia, and later back to taste, the boy building banks, girls merchants bank, very accurate, thanks to the well-intentioned doctor

@different fire sparks:my wife was pre-seized before the article read the article how to ask the doctor sex articles, check the medical care carefully asked the doctor:"i should prepare the blue clothes or pink?"the results of the doctor came the sentence:"you want to prepare what to prepare what ah, ask me why?"at that time embarrassed death of both of us......

@____999 cheng:at that time the doctor was very kind, the test finished i asked the doctor will be like who baby ah, the doctor is also very interesting to say,"said the child should be more like you, very strong"are daughters like a father like a mother, after listening to the doctor i was bad, and finally gave birth to really son.

in small series, you want to get a doctor's code word success, in addition to a doctor relatively kind, but also requires you to wit enough to understand the doctor's words.with the opening of the two children, in fact, boys and girls is not so important, the key is the child health and health, which is more important than what ah.

what kind of fun is you experiencing at the time of birth inspection? come and comment on it!

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