do not understand baby distress is not very anxious?

baby which is crying han trouble? who can tell me

the baby's crying, baba ma ma understand?

quiet and well-behaved......will there be such a baby?

crying, is the normal state of the baby, which is their innate survival skills, can express the needs of the baby, but also to vent the baby's emotions.

so, the face of the baby's crying, the head is not the focus, the focus is, how to understand the baby's crying?

once baba ma ma accurately grasp the baby crying in the signal, the baby will be particularly easy to meet, coax it is not easy?

1, i am hungry

when the baby is hungry, crying is not sick, very rhythmic, mouth also accompanied by sucking, small head with the rotation around.

if you do not eat milk immediately, crying will be more and more loud, ah, is crying to numb.

this time, ma ma quickly ran over, and the baby talk, and immediately hold him drink milk, feeding time, then point language and eye contact, the baby will be quiet down.

if the baby to drink for 3-5 minutes, and wah-wah crying, hemp will check it, is too much milk choking milk, or milk too small sucking difficulties? or milk in the bottle too cold or too hot?

very impatient, while crying yawning, little hands also rubbed his eyes and nose, that is, he wanted to sleep friends.

ma ma took him back to the familiar sleep environment, accompanied by the baby to sleep it.

p> baby eat enough to sleep, how to cry? crying did not ring, and no tears, but the brow locked, but also twisted to twist to play quilt, and occasionally a little face to do red force, no one answered, then cry will slowly fact, ah, the baby is saying,"diaper wet friends, fast for me", ma ma should be while talking with the baby, while to check the side of the baby, diapers, and then how to change diapers and wash pp, the following omitted 500 words.

sonorous and powerful, but also dancing limbs little face flushing, ah, is not too hot?

well, yes, hemp understand the cry of the baby, then give the baby to reduce the point of clothing, or adjust the indoor temperature, or simply transferred to the shade.

if the baby sweating, remember to wipe him dry, and then put on dry clothes oh.

, crying also qieqie, the body is not moving, and even the body curled up, lips purple, small hands cold feet.

ma ma's approach is necessary and contrary to the above, remember, be sure to use safe heating tools, if not, put your baby arms it, what can be warmer than ma ma embrace what?

but what exactly is the temperature?

touch the baby's neck, feel warm or slightly sweat, that is the most appropriate temperature.6, uncomfortable

do not say, there are a variety of small tricks, hemp do not rush soared, it is likely that the baby is not comfortable.

this is not much relationship with the disease, may be eating support, need to take a hiccup? may be a small ear into the water, or diaper is too tight, small socks feet? still is……?

ma ma as long as patience, carefully check the baby's body every corner, will be able to find where the baby uncomfortable.

well, the baby is actually very sticky oh, crying gentle, but also left and right hope, once saw ma ma, crying on the small, looking at ma ma hum chirp, if ma ma did not pay attention to him, crying and change big.

ma ma funny and good gas, but the feeling is needed, or very happy oh

that is simple, smile+words+embrace+accompany play, baby immediately smile.

and do housework conflicts? then use the baby strap, and baby at any time close it 8, in order to cry and cry

things do not, is to cry, crying cadence, loud and not harsh, no tears, expression is also very easy.oh, the original is to practice voice ah, ma ma to go with him, anyway, crying for a baby will stop, and crying loudly, but also means that the baby's vital capacity and physiological condition.

ok ok

if the horse gently stroked the baby, or took his little hands flash akira, the baby will be more happy.

in the dark or alone, there is a sudden noise interfered with him, the baby will subconsciously back to the harsh cry, and even intermittent howling, but also limbs stretch, small fist open, knees immediately after the recovery, in short, which is the conditional reflex after the shock.

ma ma will immediately pick up the baby to comfort him, let the baby's little head leaning on the left chest, ma ma's heartbeat, let the baby emotional recovery, and then gently pat back or touch the hair, the baby will be quiet down.

if it is night terrors, these do not, as long as the baby to order clothes, or help him turn on the line.

10, i am not happy

carefully ignored the baby's legitimate needs, the baby will cry to you to see, crying old wronged, the old face sad, but also accompanied by calf chaos pedal, the body playing very, if ma ma ignored him, crying will be more and more ring, or even become howling.

well, or coax it, recognize a mistake, the baby also eat this set of oh

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