twins into a cerebral palsy her husband out of the guardian of the daughter moved to move bai yansong reported the second

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care of cerebral palsy twin daughters

(then"the twins as cerebral palsy, her husband home, one carrying 29 one person reported her daughter moved guardian")

wiped away tears optimism to face the difficulties of cerebral palsy daughter finally stood it is only one idea, that is, no matter what difficulties encountered, but also clenched teeth and then live for two long as live one day, we should give my daughter a little happy, we must find ways to cure her daughter, for this, any philip appreciate a mother unbearable all the ups and long as i heard that the hospital treatment of cerebral palsy level is good, will be more understanding, and then lend money to the daughter of treatment, 19 years, she alone with children on the beijing seven, two under the guangzhou, ran over a dozen hospitals.once in beijing, in order to try to save a limited amount of treatment costs, had to rent with her daughter in the city center far from the shijingshan district, a residential area of ​​the basement.every time she goes out to see her doctor, she must first take the bus to the apple orchard subway station, and then take the bus to the hospital.she is thin, with a weak body back and forth in the treatment of the particular, each time the subway, access to climb a high level, the daughter can not go, she can only back, because the child suffering from"spasmodic cerebral palsy", carrying her legs can not naturally separate legs, straight straight and with, when she step by step hard to carry her daughter to climb the steps, often tired and exhausted body sweat, step also walk, but the back of her daughter's heavy weight so that she understand for her daughter's rehabilitation must be rekindled, step by step, no matter how tired she must 1995 the daughter of surgery in beijing, after surgery to facilitate the care of children, she did not go to bed seven days and nights to sleep, has been guarding her daughter's side, to help the child stand up, then the toilet, tired and just pa in the bed a little rest, willingly for the children to pay her all the love, silently bear the ordinary people can not imagine the pressure and pain.

when she was treated with her daughter four times, she suffered hardships and hardships, but she found that the two daughters were deeply dependent and trusting on her, so that she was strongly shocked.she also found that over the years, she was in the love of the child and the love of her husband to fight between the choice, because the fear of her husband left at the time of her husband's request, the child was sent to the country, the child the mind was hurt, every time to see my father, like a mouse to see the cat, always worried about fear.since the divorce, the children no longer worry about their mother sent them to the countryside, the feelings of the mother more and more deep.she felt her own pressure but smaller, because before the pressure of her husband sent to send the child sent, feeling tired.the pressure is small, people's feelings become more and more cheerful, and that the idea of ​​suicide also disappeared unconsciously.she knew that only their own happiness, in order to pass their own happy mood to the child, and later, she changed in front of her daughter that sad mood, happy to tell the story of the children, do the game, do rehabilitation training.this change immediately achieved immediate results, the child's character becomes cheerful the days to come, she used pressure and pain as a stepping stone, with positive optimism and the usual mentality to deal with the plight of the front, countless times in my heart said to himself:"must be strong, although the loss of marriage, but can not lose self", the only way to give their daughters a chance to survive, so she used the mind to control and adjust their own bad mood, with an optimistic, tough, confident, warm heart to live."she knew that only the working environment is better in order to provide economic protection for her daughter.then she was free to study hard on the professional knowledge, through the examination and title assessment in 2003 she became the only one of the national university of defense science and technology senior in order not to affect the work and better care of the child, she specifically hired two nannies, during the day by the nanny to take care of the children, home after work at home, by her to take care of two daughters.this reasonable arrangement so that she can wholehearted during the day in the work of this year's meeting held by any philip symposium, my colleagues commented that"despite her hardships, but she is self-reliant, not afraid of any difficulties, always on the right life is full of hope, full of love, she love to work, despite the increase in workload, but the quality of work has steadily improved."every year the school held a financial business competition competitions, she can get a good ranking for the college colleagues, it is difficult to believe that optimistic, cheerful her home will encounter such a misfortune.

in order to do so as not to suffer from"cerebral palsy"daughter and social isolation, to help them overcome the psychological self-esteem, any philip always deliberately push her daughter out to relax, this pair of wheelchair twin girls often cause others to the crowd.began to big hair, small hair that can not understand, the child is very wrong after returning home:"next time do not take me out, you see them like watching the tricks to see us!""then philip always patience to guide them:"others see you are concerned about you, not laughing at you.we have to bravely face the eyes of others, like a mother like a smile okay? it was a lot of people, but the children have been indifferent.not only go out, let phillips also take the children to participate in the competition, she took her daughter to participate in the hunan by as the"this line of online games, and made a third of the good results through this game, she let the daughters feel the disabled can also participate in society on an equal footing, and thus become more and more order to allow the children to grow some knowledge, she put all the holidays and spare time all the energy on two suffering from"cerebral palsy"daughter, a free to teach their language, mathematics and other basic courses, but also taught their computer the operation and simple english dialogue, she was two children suffering from"cerebral palsy,"said:"life is equal, i hope you can learn to face the reality, but also hope that you can self-esteem, self-improvement."to remember the change of our destiny, not sympathy and funding, is the power of knowledge."daughters under the guidance of her patience, have their own internet to find some favorite information and listen to music, it is gratifying that the eldest daughter can help to do some simple network maintenance work, march 25, 2008, but also to create their own blog.

in order to help more sick families with disabilities, in march 2001, felicia at their own expense to create the first full-service for the disabled in hunan province website-felicity love house", hire rehabilitation experts think akiko as"cerebral palsy"patients and families to provide free online rehabilitation consulting services.the site opened to attract a lot of disabled children and parents, on the internet they can not only exchange rehabilitation experience, found rehabilitation of the information, but also to rehabilitation experts on-line consultation."kuo-chi doctor presided over the"rehabilitation counseling"section, to help a lot of patients are seeking medical treatment of cerebral palsy, the site founded seven years although spent any a lot of energy and money, but she did not regret, because she felt that these disabled children and their parents since so trust her, she can not gu their expectations, should try to help these people like their own need to care and help,"felicity love house"has been back online consultation more than 13000.during the day she worked hard to do their job, at night when she took care of good boy after falling asleep, every day to spend two or three hours careful maintenance of the site from the date of the site, her personal role has undergone a fundamental change, she is no longer just a pair of children with cerebral palsy, or a site defenders, some friends with cerebral palsy parents, a group of children with cerebral palsy.when the night is quiet, she will sit in front of the computer to browse and reply to some of the patients on the site and parents of the message, when sharing some of the children recovered good news , she was happy from her heart, but when the parents of patients with cerebral palsy encounter confusion when she will try to help a 12-year-old cerebral palsy patients, upper limb obstruction is very serious, can not complete their own meals, dress and write, his homework can only dictate the completion, but he would like to operate the computer, any phillips will be his home, first let the child with teeth live chopsticks try to knock the keyboard, because the child's head's ability to control not succeed, and later when she found a child's fingers may be through training to achieve his desire, she took the child's hand once, twice, hundreds after the repeated training, miracles finally appeared, the child's hand can finally hit the keyboard, and this child is very smart, very hard now has been able to complete their own work through the computer.

children can not stand and walk is her heart forever pain, but effort to live up to people, in her long-term care, in 2003 she round his first dream, her eldest daughter to achieve the dream of standing up, that moment she was happy tears she was determined again, so many years have persisted, so much bitter and tired have experienced, we must insist and then adhere to, i hope the future one day a pair of daughters can be able to stand up and be able to walk independently.

(to be continued, please pay attention to series of reports three)

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