age girl lower body bleeding family thought that premature beats are actually lower body bells to remind parents to wake up

8-year-old girl satsuki live xuchang county, recently, parents often found her daughter's underwear on a little bit of blood, just did not think about it at first.but this situation lasted for six months, the family thought that the problem of precocious puberty in the local hospital for drug treatment, but the situation is still no improvement, desperation, the family came to the henan children's hospital for treatment.

endocrine genetics and metabolism division deputy chief physician chen yongxing found that satsuki is not particularly obvious secondary sexual characteristics, and there is no obvious pigmentation and coffee spots and other circumstances, so chen yongxing first exclusion early this possibility, it is recommended that parents carry out film examination.

p> the results came out, people worried, satsuki's vagina actually has a size of about 3cm foreign body, which can be parents shocked, how is the foreign body into the body? became the question of all.

subsequently, satsuki was transferred to the general surgical ward, after the ward director zhang xianwei and his family patiently persuaded, she finally said the truth, the foreign body is a decorative bell.two years ago, when she was playing at home, out of curiosity, put the bells into their own vagina, they can not get out, but fear of being reprimanded, did not dare to tell the parents, during and did not feel any discomfort.

soon, large surgery, general surgery director hou guangjun for satsuki carried out vaginal foreign body removal found that the bell card in the vaginal fornix, the surface is smooth, into the pliers can not be this point, hou guangjun ling think of the bell below a small gap, adjust the position, slowly with the pliers carefully to the bell clip out, and to avoid injury to the hymen, causing psychological harm.

after removal, hou guangjun found that through the body of acidic substances soak, the bell surface has been corroded black, but also with hydrogen peroxide, saline repeatedly rinse in the body to prevent infection.

this is not the first case of vaginal foreign body removal surgery this year.

hou guangjun introduction, the year has occurred in many cases of foreign body into the vagina, foreign body is also varied, such as:batteries, sewing needles, decorative cards, etc., especially the battery, stuffed into a long time will appear corrosive leakage, a direct harm to the child's health, and even affect the child's future fertility.

he reminds parents:curious is the child's nature, in early childhood, preschool girls, because of psychological reasons or other factors, may be some foreign body into the mouth, the lower body, etc., this situation very hard to prevent, so parents must strengthen the guidance of education, to avoid such accidents.


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