do not move this common plant into the home in autumn! they hide some of the bitter ones

mentions that the autumn looks like we are getting closer and closer, the leaves fall with the wind, always giving a sense of depression.many small partners gave the family to add some green plants, the pursuit of any outdoor leaves fluttering, the room is still green feeling, but not all plants and flowers, can be placed at home oh! some"poison flowers"tens of millions do not take home.

★ ★

as the pine and cypress can distribute the smell of aroma, many families or office people like, but this smell on the human body has a stimulating effect on the stomach, long-term smell not only affect appetite, pregnant women will be upset, nausea want to spit, dizzy.

, resulting in severe hair loss!

tulip is beautiful, but the flowers contain a substance called poisonous long as close to her 2-3 hours, whether people or animals, will be dizzy, poisoning symptoms, long-term smell will lead to hair loss.

toxicity index:★★★


vigilance:flowers, although the united states is highly toxic, will cause shock!

like azalea friends a few, but i do not know its plants and flowers contain a lot of toxins , long-term exposure to people, not only can cause vomiting, difficulty breathing, limb numbness, severe cases can cause shock.

toxicity index:★★★★


xiao bian has been particularly obsessed with the calla lily for some time, even if it does not know it contains a lot of calcium oxalate crystals and alkaloids, can produce a large number of of toxins, eating can cause coma and other symptoms of poisoning.

narcissus planting at home is generally no problem, but do not cut its bulbs, because it contains a kind of inside latin can be toxins, eating can cause vomiting, addition, leaves and flowers of the juice can cause skin irritation.

toxicity index:★★★


poinsettia is also called christmas red, do not know the whole product has a lot of poinsettia, the white leaves in the stems and leaves.juice will stimulate the skin redness, causing allergic reactions, if eating stems, leaves, severe poisoning will be dead.

toxicity index:★★★★★


mega must not be placed in the house, it contains a kind of oxalic acid and the door of the day.

winter body, after eating can cause oral, throat, esophagus, gastrointestinal pain, severe damage to the vocal cords, people dumb.

toxicity index:★★★★★

second, the most suitable for autumn breeding

then, the fall to, recommend some suitable for autumn planting, both can purify the air, but also pleasant mood.


role:adsorption of formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, exhaled oxygen, clean air, speed up the indoor air circulation.

anti-inflammatory helper, ornamental strong, autumn decoration room, peace of mind more healthy.

vitality, clean air, can absorb carbon dioxide, the release of oxygen, you can also absorb the dust in the air, it is the night oh it!

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