sperm health and longevity: how to reduce male infertility

the facts about sperm health and longevity once the cells are exposed to the outside of the body air, sperm cells will not survive for a long time.

to be precise, how long they can survive depends on the environment in which they are released and the speed of liquid drying around the sperm.

sperm life in women

after ejaculation, sperm can be active in a female body for about 5 days.the liquid in the reproductive tract of women has all the nutrients needed for sperm to survive during this period.once the female reproductive tract is entered, sperm cells must pass through the cervix and enter the uterus to reach the fallopian tubes and female eggs.this is a very long course of sperm cell growth, and they rarely survive.

men in the ejaculation before"pull out"women, is well known unreliable.

before ejaculation occurs, a small amount of semen, also known as"pre cum", remains in the penis.

there is some debate as to whether this liquid contains sperm cells.until the researchers can be sure, we'd better assume that this liquid is in contact with the vagina of the woman and may lead to pregnancy.

according to family planning, if 100% of the time in the correct implementation of the time, about 96% efficiency.

however, most people can not perform correctly each time, the actual effect of about 78%.this means that 22 of the 100 women who use this method will be pregnant each year, or about one in five.

combine other contraceptive methods, such as male or female condoms or spermicides, to take off better.

when using this method, you must also ensure that ejaculation is far from the vaginal opening.if sperm overflows to the vagina or vagina, pregnancy may occur.

how long does sperm live in a hot tub?

in hot tubs, sperm cells do not survive for a long time.sperm can not survive for more than a few seconds after exposure to chemicals and hot water.

ejaculation to hot tubs lead to human pregnancy is very rare and even impossible.

sperm cells may survive for several minutes in less hot water baths.however, spermatozoa are unlikely to be combined through the tub and female vagina.

pregnancy in this way will also be very difficult.however, if a couple in the water for sexual intercourse, the same may be pregnant, because the sperm will be directly into the female reproductive tract.external temperature and physical environment will not have any effect on sperm survival.

how long will sperm live if frozen?

scientists believe that as long as the temperature remains stable, semen cells can survive indefinitely.

at such low temperatures(-196 ° c), sperm cells are suspended, which means that all their basic functions have been completely stopped.

men freeze the sperm for a variety of reasons.many people do this because they are receiving infertility treatment, or suffer from cancer or other medical conditions that may affect their fertility.

even if you lose fertility due to cancer or cancer treatment, freezing sperm can make a man have children.

how does sperm cells work?

usually millions of sperm cells are produced daily in the testes.during this period, the cells that make up spermatozoa undergo division and change.

sperm cells enter the epididymis that they can develop and may take several weeks.

sperm finally forms head and tail.the head contains all the dna or genetic material that sperm uses the tail to help it move.

what factors affect sperm health?

many factors that affect sperm formation.some factors that lead to reduced sperm count or poor sperm function include:

health and lifestyle factors

drug or alcohol use

work or occupation

tobacco use

excessive testis


environmental reasons

exposure to industrial chemicals


radiation or x-ray

medical causes

testicular infection

testicular cancer


if a couple wants to be pregnant, a man suspects that he has one or more of these risk factors, he may want to consider sperm count.if you do not get pregnant after about 6 months, the doctor can also recommend this procedure.

if a person has these risk factors, he should try to change himself for at least 2-3 months and then imagine how long it takes for the sperm to mature.

how to improve sperm health

minimize these risk factors to help keep sperm cells healthy, especially before conception.men can do a few things to improve the health of his sperm:

keep healthy weight:overweight or obesity can directly affect the sperm production and support the necessary hormones.

smoking:smoking is associated with the number of spermatozoa compared to non-smokers.

reduce the use of alcohol:alcohol use can affect testosterone levels, which in turn will reduce the number of sperm

stop using drugs:synthetic metabolic steroids, cannabis and cocaine are associated with reduced sperm production.

taking vitamins:taking regular vitamins can help ensure that a person gets all the essential nutrients they need.should take vitamins for at least 3 months before trying to get pregnant again.keep the testicles cool:wear tight panties or pants in a sauna or hot tub and keep the laptop on the knee too long may increase the temperature of the scrotum and reduce sperm yield.

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