mother-in-law found two months grandson no eggs sent to the hospital doctor straight call her mother wit

xiao min and her husband is married, when the wedding was xiaomin has been pregnant for more than 1 month, after marriage, the family has been very good to take care of xiaomin, until the pregnancy of more than three months when the small min went to the hospital to do pregnancy test, the doctor said the development of the baby is very healthy, already have fetal heart, home after the small min stopped eating folic acid, began to focus on nutritional supplements.

are also her mother to accompany her to go, which makes xiaomin very grateful to her mother.the day was very fast, and soon xiaomin to the expected date, in the expected date of the day before, xiaomin went to the hospital, the baby is obedient, in the expected date of the day launched, xiaomin was urgently promoted the delivery room, the labor process was very smooth , more than an hour xiaomin on the smooth birth of the baby, boy, 5 pounds 4 two.

because it is shipped, the second day of postpartum xiaomin was discharged, xiao min started home after the confinement, the child has been her mother to take care of xiaomin, wait until the month did not take long.xiaomin said to the baby to take a bath, the results of a bath to find the problem.

xiao min and her mother is giving the baby a bath, see her mother's hand in the old child's touch, she thought her mother is like his son was like this.who knows a mother-in-law said:"no, the child has a problem, only a egg."xiaomin also said with a smile:"how could."then put his hand to touch, touch xiaomin frightened, the child as if really a little egg.mother-in-law immediately said to take the children to the hospital to see.xiao min also dare not careless.

wait until the doctor checks the doctor said the child's egg is really a problem, which side in the groin of the site, when the doctor was curious to ask:"how did you find?"xiaomin put the discovery of the process said again, the doctor listened to thumbs up, praise her mother really wit.the child after a period of treatment has returned to normal.

some male babies will exist such"egg egg tibetan disease", parents found that if it is easy to treat, but if found late, it is easy to necrosis, leading to baby infertility the