eight months baby plant paralyzed because it is eating it many elders are still using it!

a tragedy occurred some time ago, and a baby who was less than one year old was diagnosed with limbs for eight months.according to the child's mother said that the child began to appear some time ago sluggish, there will be the phenomenon of ventilation, parents shouting baby, the baby's reaction is also very slow, and later simply no response.this time to the hospital was diagnosed as plant people.

after the doctor's introduction, the child is suffering from the disease, with the external environment has a very big reason.should be subject to some kind of toxic substances against, resulting in poisoning the baby, which caused some of the occurrence of complications.the original culprit was the home of the mothballs, and now the market a lot of camphor balls and anti-mold tablets contain p-dichlorobenzene and naphthol and other substances.

because the newborn's physical function is not late, the body of the detoxification the system is very weak, it is difficult to break down these toxic ignorance, and also excretion is not out of gas, these toxic substances in the body accumulation, maternal milk powder will destroy the body of red blood cells, the baby's brain will also affect the morning, causing mental retardation will cause dementia and brain damage.

the baby's nervous system and blood system can also cause harm, especially the younger the baby will be the greater the harm.parents must buy some less toxic when buying mothballs.and the baby's clothes do not place mothballs, placed mothballs clothes, do not worry to wear, the best taste after dissipation in the wearing.in addition the use of mothballs should not be too long.

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