my wife do not have to worry about doing the housework can not be exhausted!

early just finished the month, the family in her in-laws said that i sat for a whole month, to activities, and secretly in the secret of the event, meaning that i started doing housework.hearing this kind of mind though unhappy, but they are elders, i can not refute.

so just a month, i do what housework, do not dare to let themselves idle, afraid to give them down the handle that i am lazy.that day i dragged on the ground, after drying clothes, the feeling of the body a little uncomfortable, especially the first halo, but also a little disgusting, so i went back to the room to rest.

at noon to eat the point, my mother called me to eat, we live on the 3rd floor, eat on the first floor.i told my mother said i was not comfortable, called my husband to the end of the meal upstairs, the results of my mother to one, all on the month, and do a good job but also to eat in front of food, too outrageous, love do not eat anything, and then she hung up the phone.

i thought my husband saw i did not go, will take the initiative to help me send up, did not expect my husband did not help me to the end of the meal upstairs.even though i was a little better at night, but because my grandfather did not give me a meal up, my heart is gas, no dinner at night, i wanted to see if i do not eat a day, he will not feel bad for me.the result is that i hungry a day of the stomach, he did not even care about the words, and said i pretended to be sick, mad at me.

i was sad today that i feel like nothing in this home is nothing, no one care about yourself is dead or alive! finally, or their own figured out, since his body since no one care, even more should not torture their own, if their body ruined, no way to take care of the baby, so the middle of the night to go downstairs to their own under the bowl face filled with stomach.

but after that day, my husband and her husband still feel particularly chilling, and even the idea of ​​divorce, is me too hypocritical?

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