old girl and her goat mother mother and daughter love to tears

early childhood, mother died, father encephalopathy difficult situation.

grandpa old, eighty years old, helpless provoke thousands of tam tam.

poor child, life than huanglian, crying in the sky.

a goat, take the mother responsibility, breastfeeding yuhong crossing.

, named yuhong.in order to let the child like a boy as imposing.when the whole family is still immersed in the joy of the time, xiaoyu hong's mother died of illness.the death of his wife to stimulate the brain injured her husband more confused.since then can not work, but also need nearly half of the old father to take care of.

to this year nearly eight days of grandfather to take care of the granddaughter and son of the burden, old old, small small, relatives and friends are helpless.relatives and friends to discuss whether the child to the better conditions of the family, so that children also have a good destination.the last grandfather to pay the words:"the child i to raise, this is my pro-granddaughter!"grandpa know that now the child is feeding time, but the family for the daughter-in-law has been heavily indebted.there is no money to buy milk powder, the last grandfather said to buy goats to eat baby goat milk.

then grandfather went to the village of a sheep, tearfully asked them to sell a milk sheep to yourself.this family to see the poor delivery of a milk to the old man to pay, the old tired of the white income thing not, just plug a few hundred dollars to the family.after returning home xiaoyu hong has been hungry wow wow crying, grandfather quickly washed sheep mother's nipple ready to milking, but did not squeeze his milk, how can not squeeze out the milk.the more urgent is not squeeze out the milk, the granddaughter of the crying of the heartache not work.

there are relatives at home say do not squeeze, let the children eat directly.this is to remind the grandfather, the people carried the sheep on the kang, perhaps out of instinct, xiaoyu hong touched the goat's nipples, they coushang up to the up.xiaoyu hong was full for a while, with her mother's nipple fell asleep.at the moment, the presence of all eyes are full of tears, sound.people feel that the child is too poor, and even lambs as feeding.

xiaoyu hong has a breastfeeding her mother"mother".it is also strange to start, adults are worried that goat milk without heating, the child will not eat, but for some time passed, xiaoyu hong did not even trouble a disease, did not eat a piece of medicine.xiaoyu hong eat five or six times a day milk, and gradually the goat with the feelings.do not have people by the sheep mother, and only heard the child crying sheep mother came over his children lying around, feeding the child, over time, sheep"mother"was used to lying on the kang to the child feeding.small yuhong 1 year old when the broken milk, sheep mother finally completed the

the mission of breastfeeding children.xiaoyu hong began to learn to walk, and sometimes clutching the grandfather's hand, sometimes leaning on the sheep's mother's back.as long as the child leaning on the sheep mother, the goat is very slow to leave a small yuhong.like the care of their own children like care.

the old man is full of gratitude for the sheep, he said every person, to treat the granddaughter of the sheep"mother", give it the best treatment, but also for its pension to the end.people know that the old man from the heart.

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