if you do not let the baby eat the baby will lose these benefits

when the baby likes to put his hand in his eyes, his eyes stare, touching his mouth; 4 months will be the whole hand into his mouth, and gradually into the 2-3 means sucking and reducing the habit of sucking your fingers, mostly thumbs.this is the baby's perception of distance, more clearly, he can always play his most convenient toys, his hand.

the baby is through the mouth to understand the world, eat the hand is the prelude to this process.the baby puts his hand in his mouth, which is a qualitative leap in the baby.because in the first three months or four months after birth, the baby's hands and feet without the control of the brain, the action is involuntary, and the hand is the brain to control the first purposeful behavior.

a month later, in order to relieve toothache, hand has become the best tool.4-5 months of sucking fingers is not a bad habit, this behavior shows that his physical and mental development has entered an important stage, that is, hand-eye coordination gradually formed, hand function differentiation has begun.

if the parents think it is a bad habit to get rid of this way,

rather than the baby sucking fingers, will cause resentment, and even baby crying, mood swings.sucking his fingers can also stabilize his emotions.when your baby is hungry, tired, angry, you suck your fingers, will settle down.at this point, parents can let your baby suck finger, otherwise it will affect the baby's hand-eye coordination ability, and master the development of the ability to make the baby lost its unique self-confidence.

1, increase the baby's first knowledge and confidence in the world

2, help your baby to maintain a happy and stable 3, enhance the sense of touch, smell and taste stimulation, and promote the development of neurological function, is the baby's intelligence development signal.

it can be said that the more babies eat, the more clever he becomes.

4, the process of eating your fingers can exercise the baby's hand flexibility and hand-eye coordination.however, more than a year of babies eat their hands, mainly looking for a sense of security.

, relaxed and warm family atmosphere will increase the child's sense of security, parents should avoid excessive criticism, criticism of the child.if the child is a long time to eat, the guardian needs to guide the child, the attention from the fingers transferred to toys, picture books and other colorful things.

when the baby to eat, you can give him a molar biscuits, or grinding sticks, the liberation of small hands.avoid using simple and rough educational methods, do not laugh, intimidate, beaten, condemn, and do not use your arms or tie your fingers together.because it is not only ineffective, but also make children feel pain, depression, emotional stress, and even low self-esteem, loneliness and so on.and, at the first chance, the child would want to suck his fingers more than sucking the bad behavior of the fingers.

most of the time with age, as more and more things, hand-eye coordination and hand function more skilled, you can carry new things, will gradually fade out of the game"hand"and"sucking fingers", when the baby in 8-9 months, most will no longer suck your fingers, only one a small part of the baby will develop a finger sucking habits, habits in 18-20 months to reach the peak, about 80% of the baby at the age of 5 to give up the finger sucking habits.

so, from the attention of the attention, the baby more with him to communicate, let him play, holding a toy, and his face to speak, singing, playing games, let the baby eat, in a harmonious and happy in the atmosphere, take a good sleep.in this way,"sucking fingers"behavior will not be a common phenomenon, once there will naturally reduce and disappear.