sun yue discharged a detail by everyone praise! user: feeling the child is dong zijian

sun yee and dong zijian this pair of 90 after the couple, already have a lovely child, life is also successful friends, sun yi today the hospital, dong zijian helped her
there is love there is no super, sun yi was so thin, it should strengthen the nutrition, but this photo by many netizens"tucao", said the children are feeling after dong zijian ha ha
dong zijian is also busy preparing, has been helping get the stuff, dong daddy is certainly very, very happy friends
dong zijian's mother wang jing-hua also accompanied with such a powerful mother sun yi is also very happy da~ not afraid to play no role, no chance of filming
the private sun yi is enough true nature, there is no deliberately concave type, no dress of the united states and the united states, but how comfortable how to get everyone's one cause thumbs up, a clear stream
is the entertainment of how this feeling is higher than sun yue dong zijian, it might be photographed angle of the problem, of course, sun yi was very high

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