during pregnancy how old do you want to do that husband?

during pregnancy, the husband wanted to"that"how to do? early pregnancy with t? mothers once found themselves pregnant, often ️ such questions.for the maternal protection of the instinct of the baby, some quasi-ma will hold in case of the opportunity to refuse her husband's room requirements; but some quasi-ma ma will feel badly agree with the request, but then frightened, i do not know whether it will affect the baby's safety.so, during pregnancy can not be the same room? what time is the same room safe?

can the same room during pregnancy?

it is generally recommended that"1"should be avoided in the first to third months of pregnancy.because the embryo is in the developmental stage, especially the placenta and maternal uterine wall connection is not close, if the"that", it may be due to improper action or mental over-excited when the uterus by the shock, it is easy to placenta shedding, causing abortion.

in the middle of pregnancy 4 to 6 can be arranged, but pay attention to position, to oppress the woman's abdomen is appropriate, should be moderated and change sexual intercourse.do not be too aggressive.otherwise it may also lead to abortion possible.

pregnancy late 7 to 9 months when not the same room, or may lead to premature birth.as long as there is no abortion with the room itself will not cause the fetus affected.

benefits of the same period in the same period?

prospective parents who can be appropriate in the second trimester of the same room, without the whole pregnancy are prohibited intercourse.moderate, healthy x life can improve the feelings of the couple, beneficial to the development of the fetus.

pregnancy increases the prenatal period mother's blood flow in the mood hormones with the pituitary pituitary hormone index, as well as the pleasure of hormones.those hormones make mother and fetus happy.the future of the baby will be successful in the mother to achieve pleasure in the smile inside.pregnant women's skin will become shiny.

pregnancy early her husband need to do?

mothers first to adhere to the position, to her husband to convey the early pregnancy of the same room harm.second, the multi-guide prospective father into the father's role.immediately after the baby will be what sex, what kind of items to the baby, etc., both to guide him into the father's role, but also transfer attention oh.