how do babies keep milk? experts advise parents should do so!

is the cause of the baby, there are two reasons:first, a systemic or gastrointestinal disease when a symptom; the second is the baby stomach intestinal anatomical and physiological characteristics prone to spit general, spitting is more common due to the second cause.

the newborn's stomach, from the front to see is lying, was unstable state, while the cardia site(stomach entrance) is still relatively other words, adults eat, when the food into the stomach, the cardia will be through the contraction to prevent food back to the esophagus; but because the baby's gastric cardia parts can not be a good contraction, resulting in milk into the stomach can easily flow back to the addition, compared with adults, the neonatal larynge position to be higher, coupled with their nipple way more clumsy, resulting in feeding when the air is easy to inhale the stomach with the milk, so when the child hiccups or body shaking , eat the milk is also easier to be spit out.

raising the posture

once the vomit enters the trachea it can cause let the children lie down, it is best to bath towel pad under the child's body and to keep the upper body elevation.if the child is lying spit, we can put the child face to the side.

2, after breathing, pay more attention to observe the child's condition

when the child lying to put the child's head pad, or simply hold the child holding up.after the spit, the child's face may be bad, but as long as later to recover there is no addition, according to the situation can be appropriate to add some moisture to the child.3, add water to 30 minutes after vomiting

after the child spits, if you add water to your child immediately, you may cause vomiting again.therefore, it is best to spit in about 30 minutes or so with a little bit to try to give children some fresh water.

4, after the milk, the number of feeding each time to reduce to half of the usual

in the spirit of the baby to recover over, want to eat when we can give the baby to feed some milk the but each time the amount of feeding to be reduced to about half of the usual, but the number of feeding can be increased.during the baby's vomiting, we can only feed the baby, and can not feed other food, including food supplement.

p> baby yang milk:refers to the feeding immediately after 1 to 2 milk poured into the mouth from the mouth yang yang out.there are a few cases because the nurse in the baby soon after feeding baby diapers caused by milk milk.under normal circumstances, this will not affect the baby's growth and development, it can be regarded as normal.with the growth of age, 6 months baby milk will naturally disappear.

babies:after feeding the baby, if the bed immediately, the milk will flow out from the mouth, and even just eat all the milk spit out.however, after feeding the baby for some time and then put it on the bed, the milk will be significantly reduced.medicine to this spit milk called milk.

baby puffing:is a common phenomenon in the neonatal period.spit milk can also be said to spray milk, different from the yang milk, is due to the digestive tract and other related organs by some abnormal stimulation caused by the nerve reflex action, vomiting, when the milk is mostly jet from the mouth, out of the.the amount of spit milk is more, can occur shortly after feeding, or half an hour later, before the baby had a mouth open mouth neck, painful expression.

feeding, not too much.

2, a small amount of meals to reduce the pressure on the stomach.3, each feeding and feeding, let the baby lying on the adult shoulder, tap the baby back, this action can be swallowed into the stomach of the air to reduce the pressure of the stomach.

4, feeding should not be too fast, too fast, the middle should be suspended for a moment, so that the baby's breathing more smoothly.5, bottle openings should be moderate, the hole is too small need to be strong.

sucking, the air is easy to breathe into the mouth from the mouth and then into the stomach; too large openings are easily flooded with water, blocking the breathing trachea pathways.

6, after feeding, do not let the baby immediately lie flat, first half up straight for a while, and pat the back.when lying down, the baby should also be a little upper body pad, the best is the right side lying, so that the stomach is not easy to flow out of food.

7, after feeding, do not let the baby have emotional emotions, do not shake or shake the baby at random.

how to avoid baby spit

first, choose the right the size of the pacifier

pacifier hole if too small, the child will be forced to suck, resulting in air and milk were sucked together, but also easy to cause spit; but if the nipple hole is too large, the child sucking easy to be choked and cause severe, in the choice of pacifier, we have to consider the size of the nipple hole is suitable for their children.

second, pay attention not to let the baby eat too fast, if the milk swell, spray out, make the child feel uncomfortable.

children in 3-4 months after the big, not only can be a good grasp of sucking skills, and cardia systolic function has matured, so the number of spit milk will be significantly reduced.and before this, after each feeding we'd better help the child hiccups.

fourth, after feeding the baby erect 20 to 30 minutes, do not rush flicker baby play.

, just pick up the child, gently tapping back

vertical pick up the child after tapping back more than 5 minutes, is to help children hiccups the basic method.if the child still can not hiccups, you can also try to massage the child's back with the palm of your hand.

2, support the child's chin, let the child sit up

let the child sit on his lap, and then pat the back of the method can also be.because the child is sitting, the stomach entrance is up, so the hiccup is also easier.

3, can not play when the hiccups

inhalation of the air in the stomach, sometimes caught in front and back inhalation of the milk, this time if the child upright upright, there will be conducive to the discharge of air in the stomach.therefore, the mother can hold up the child, or can give the child to the back of the upper body to keep the tilt for about 30 minutes.