young girls secretly taking birth control pills led to vaginal bleeding almost lost their lives

abortion is mostly a last resort, but when you want to go abortion, it is necessary to go.

hospitals choose a formal way, or is likely to cause adverse consequences.

little us 16-year-old, one day at home, a small beauty suddenly abdominal pain, little mother thought her daughter is gastrointestinal discomfort, so with a small us on the hospital.

after examination, doctors have many years of experience to find the truth is not simple, so the doctor to find a reason to be small mothers away, and then in the patient communication, the little beauty finally admitted that she secretly two days ago taking the abortion of the drug.then the doctor diagnosed, small us vaginal bleeding is due to improper drug abortion caused.

however, in fact, this time the little beauty is also hidden, blood from the vaginal menacing out, not a small pad can be able to stand, has been dropped in the clinic on the ground, the face of small beauty also become pale white.

act decisively, the doctor immediately for the small us to do a regular flow of people surgery, only to stop bleeding.

the doctor said that as a small us that the situation in china is not a case, in recent years, but also a lot of admissions.many young women, in the accident pregnancy, in order not to let the family and friends know, but do not understand the correct measures, only secretly to the pharmacy to buy some so-called abortion drugs, the result of serious consequences.

experts said that private drug abortion a lot of harm, including:the success rate is very low, easily infected, leading to gynecological inflammation, resulting in infertility and so when taking medical abortion must be is best to take under the guidance of a doctor.if the drug abortion after a large number of bleeding, this time must often curettage, which allows the cervix to receive secondary damage.

drug abortion is not a lot of female friends think so simple, the whole process is about 3-4 time, during the medication will be adverse reactions, nausea, abdominal pain, a small number of women will have spasmodic abdominal pain , affect the health, serious time will also affect the future of you female friends do not personally take abortion drugs, to avoid as their own harm.