male doctor of a woman that fear? seeking male doctor medical shadow area!

believe that the most embarrassing thing about metaphysics is to meet a male doctor, especially an internal examination, most women are not willing to be in addition to your husband outside the male in front of their own stripped, it is embarrassing the however, more and more boys now"run into"obstetrics and gynecology as a doctor, which, many people have their controversy, male doctors to the woman is really safe to see it?

the mother of the maternity will generally experience the matter-when the pain, the doctor will generally reach your pregnant women vagina check your cervix to open a few fingers, and stir in the inside to stir, but also to fight the pain!

in the face of male doctor birth, different opinions, occupation, the pain of a child to die, you also who gave you birth? some people think that although the community is now open a lot, but after all, men and women are different, for the matter is still very taboo, the hospital should not be.

the mother of the child, the internal inspection is not running, so that the doctor can determine cervical softness, thickness, degree of expansion, fetal first exposed, fetal position and the first degree of decline and so, you do not have to be too nervous, too fear of internal inspection more difficult will only provoke the doctor's resentment, or their own.

in fact, xiao bian is also more curious, said paternity of her husband will have a shadow, do the obstetric male doctor did not? my heart is really strong!

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