two pregnant women readme: other people do not scratch the child why do you scratch my hair always?

recently, to the second child, the second child of the young mother are more and more, a tong is just born their own two princess princess, heart is happy, but in the health ii tire when he once again suffered a child with the same embarrassment, that is, in the delivery room was shaved.remember, when the birth of the first child, the lower body was shaved, and later asked the sisters around, only to know that everyone is shaved, why is always scratching their own?

although the birth of the second child, is also the birth, with the first a real experience, without the first time that kind of tension, can enter the delivery room, the doctor looked at her a moment, said,"pants off, first prepared skin", said this is still a male doctor, was actually a bit embarrassed, but the first time did not understand what meaning, until a female doctor holding a blade to the time she could not help but ask the sentence"what to do?", the doctor said,"to first prepared leather, that is, under the clean room, hair scraping off.

at that time, although the arab-israeli stomach has been hurt, but the kind of embarrassment the feeling is still very strong, scrape is actually used for the first time, embarrassing is that next there is a male doctor, all of this all without shelter.

is to clean the skin, in order to just come out of the fetus is not carried by these bacteria pollution, but also facilitate our delivery, postpartum recovery can prevent infection, you are good for the baby, not nervous"

although she has been nodding promised, but the heart of the kind of embarrassment can not always let there is a question in her mind planted under the"why other people can not scratch, every time shaving their own always?"in this uneasy, a tong finally gave birth to the second fact, peach mother consulted a maternity hospital doctor, learned that the"m", why some shave, do not need to scratch it? in fact, every pregnant woman's body hair density and growth position are not the same, some pregnant women private office is relatively clean, a little bit is not need to scratch; and relatively dense, it must be scraped, otherwise very affect the postpartum recovery, bacterial growth, easily lead to infection, so, know some pregnant women more embarrassing, but compared to security, which is more important?

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