do you know the reason? do not understand the following points do not take them home oh

xiao bian learned that the original sometimes honest and honest, sometimes lively french bulldogs, is actually so expensive~ and the reason seems to be fighting this dog is not easy to reproduce, very few crises, almost all need caesarean section, another careless survival rate is very low, before a netizen said that his family's fight premature, a nest of five mother of a public, all failed to survive, it is really very sad;

two years there are friends that want to raise, said two years, the price fell, but this year found that the price did not come down, and now the market price of the general fight in the 3k-5k or so; solid color, cream , the general start more than 2w, and even some pet shop purebred price of fifty or sixty million also have this little guy really can not keep it!

tilted head to kill you see me meng?

why not talk about them easy to keep, do not understand the following points, it should not really take them home oh~

1.bovine nasal congenital defect, which is likely to cause the birth of the disease, such as colds, enteritis, pneumonia, respiratory infections, demodex, which have increased the cost of feeding;

are there delicious?

2.fighting more than 80% of the need for caesarean section out of the law can only cut a lifetime of four children, and some areas of caesarean section on the need to charge up and down 2000, which also increased the breeding costs, in addition, most of the fighting can only be a nest a year, most of the four most common nest;


i really do not engage in sabotage, i help wipe the glass window~

3.frogs have body odor, very easy to produce skin diseases, need to pay attention to keep the body health, the other is short hair, but hair loss is also very powerful, clean up a certain degree of difficulty;

oh, trapped, fast to save the baby~

before there are friends to share the experience of personal feeding, his fief is bought outside the province, checked the plane, about the plane on the pneumonia, and later brought to the pet hospital to treat the 5k from top to bottom, and so on and then met the demon-shaped mite, and finally healed two or three thousand, another dog food is to buy the best, and finally he felt that he bought a diamond dog, it is not easy, but fortunately now good, lively and lovely to grow down~

are you looking at the head and looking at it?

after reading, we are not on the fight have more understanding? before the dog to think twice, not all of the fighters will encounter the above situation, some attention can also be avoided, but it is a lot of patience!

some people think that the law is ugly, and some feel that they are very cute very meng, each have their own like, if you also like, you have the intention of raising, please be sure to know a lot before buying oh! finally, thank you for seeing here! feel useful please a praise oh!


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