the production process encountered pieces of unforgettable embarrassing thing this taste only mother can experience!

pregnant october birth, before my baby, there have been countless times the imagination of childbirth when the scene:the tv movie is not often play it? maternal sweating, surrounded by her husband and midwifery doctors wipe comfort, but that is the end of the play! personally produced only to experience:that is called a pain! 8 awkward! really only mothers can understand!

so, which 8 pieces of embarrassing things?

embarrassing 1, anal, internal inspection

this is my deep experience, but also to my internal inspection or a man, how an awkward to describe? saying that the inspiration of the superb"one yang means", really is not blowing, do not look at the appearance of the doctors are amiable, but check it is also"ruthless"pain will make me want to die, but also every few minutes to check once!

to be honest this may be the most embarrassing thing for most mothers, and if i met the same maternity male doctor, the embarrassment of which is self-evident, but insured or insisted about it, anyway, a little while, anal, internal examination in the delivery can understand the fetus exposed, cervical and pelvic circumstances, to determine the exact time into the delivery room.

embarrassing 2, stripping< br/>

p> stripped of a large batch of clothing to go in, and then took the coat off the naked lying in bed, slaughtered! into the delivery room which there is"dignity"how can"identity"ah? but along the child does not need all the stripped clothes, but the lower body must be naked.xiao bian is caesarean section, so.the the the the the feeling there has been regardless of men and women, and i can only so comfort themselves!

why is it? if not stripped, the doctor all the operation will be unable to start, especially in the delivery, during the mother to continue to press the mother's abdomen pressure to help delivery, there are clothing shelter will affect the doctor choose to pressurize the position, so mothers in the production posing mentality, bare is to let the baby can be successful, safe birth.

embarrassing 3, met male doctor

like i have just said, in the inside has been regardless of men and women, the doctors only see a doctor, do not see people, but some people think that can not accept gynecological male doctors, and women will be very fact, male doctors still have advantages, many obstetrics and gynecology director are male, male doctor, courage is also large, physical ye hao, eye swords quickly, encounter emergency special circumstances can be more calm, remember xiao bian production encountered a baby umbilical cord knot burst(this is quite dangerous).they are very professional, but also in the course of surgery and busy busy, mothers will be in full condition, who care on the cranky? they are more concerned about the safety of my mother.

embarrassing 4, shaving(also mentioned yesterday)

mothers in the production, the nurse will give my mother to do one thing, that is shaving the following hair, women in the clinical practice of children shaving is called the skin.mainly for good disinfection, to prevent the occurrence of infection, but also easy to clean, easy to surgery, so that pregnant mothers are not too nervous, although shaving is quite embarrassing, but both maternal and baby, are a lot of benefits, and really at that time, just want to quickly put the child finished, and then embarrassing is not a thing!

embarrassing 5, was enema

embarrassing 8, perineal side of the


:perineal lateral incision is a surgical scissors cut the perineum(located in the vagina and rectum) way to expand the vaginal opening, in order to facilitate the delivery of fetal head.

not every pregnant mother needs to be cut, the doctor will observe the extension of your perineum is normal, if the extension is not normal, they will be in your perineum injection of local anesthetic, and then surgery simply cut your perineum, expand the vaginal opening, so that the baby was properly delivered.all good mothers can also be through a number of auxiliary breathing method to let the baby smooth childbirth.

legend of the children are 12 pain is not exaggerated, even though the mother who still carry over.especially when the baby out of the mother's body that moment, we feel the life is so wonderful, the baby wah-wah cry, we are knowing smile, tears already in the corner.had to lament:mother love really great!

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