in order to give birth to a boy boy to his wife three times pregnant b-ultrasound doctor scared to take cold sweat

a few days ago to see the report said that some people had seven daughters, took to buy a son, the final prostitution.see this news, really not the taste.although the boys and girls are the same, but there are still many people patriarchal thinking is very serious.the following is to say this is the idea.

ms.zhang has been 40 years old, and already has two daughters, big junior high school, small also on primary school, and family life and beauty and beauty.when the birth of the little daughter, the doctor reminded that, ms.zhang pelvic adhesions serious, not suitable for pregnancy again.but so many years, ms.zhang's husband still have to want to regenerate a son.

miss zhang thought, there are so many years, the body should be recovered, and also agreed to the views of her husband, ready to prepare for pregnancy, and finally pregnant with a third child.the family hope that this child can be the son, ms.zhang is also particularly cautious.approaching the expected date of delivery, go to the hospital b-ultrasound, the doctor said ms.zhang's situation is very dangerous.

the original uterus of ms.zhang is very thin, the thinnest only 2.0 mm , and in the first two caesarean section of the scar position.due to age, scar tissue is particularly brittle, but also particularly not strong, at any time there have been uterine rupture bleeding situation, life-threatening, have surgery immediately, the fetus out, and surgery is also very dangerous.

in the course of surgery, the doctors are cold sweat, ms.zhang's uterus thin transparent, can clearly see the baby's limbs, the uterus is very brittle, a little flexibility are not.up to more than three hours of surgery, but fortunately the final mother and child peace.but the doctor was angry with ms.zhang's husband, this situation is still pregnant, is simply not life.

i want to say is that my daughter is so big, have to risk their lives to risk a son, if this child is a daughter, it is difficult to regenerate it? how do you see this phenomenon?

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