artificial uterus come! have children not pregnant?

artificial uterus coming! have children not pregnant?

in the mother's body is not fully developed children known as premature children, premature children's survival rate has been very low, even if survived, there will be a great probability of paralysis or growth stage frail.the united states each year about thirty thousand preterm children, but thousands of surviving this end, the united states philadelphia children's hospital developed an artificial uterus, for some premature children to provide secondary development opportunities.

the artificial uterus looks like a plastic made of large bags filled with inside the electrolyte solution to replace amniotic fluid.these artificial amniotic fluid flows from one end of the bag and flows out of the other, circulates the waste that the child metabolizes, and provides a sterile and temperature-stable environment.another component of the artificial uterus is the blood circulation system, which provides blood for the fetus through the blood, nutrition, exhausting carbon dioxide and waste.this result has been through the lamb test, the choice of premature delivery of sheep tires, the use of sheeps and lambs, after four weeks of raising, eight little lambs opened their eyes in the skin gradually grow white hair.and their nervous system and organs are gradually mature.after the birth of the body of the lamb are jiankang.this technique can soon be used in human clinical trials and applications, if the technology can be universal, those preterm children can continue in the development of artificial amniotic fluid, reducing the mortality of premature children to improve the health of premature children.

xiao bian that if the artificial uterus technology mature future, that artificial conception, artificial embryo culture, followed by artificial uterus to develop a complete baby, it is not the mother can not give birth to their own baby after birth?

but xiao bian still feel that only children born in their own body, and then accompany him, let him grow in their own body, with the baby to experience the pain and joy of life will have blood water mother and child emotions, we feel it?

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