two foetuses and daughter dad wash a text message let mother be completely divorce will do

small mo is my colleague, 36 years old gave birth to two children, at that time, the eldest daughter, eight years old.

two small mo's personal decision, she hide her husband secretly took the ring, and went to work in another city to a distant husband's side, as having a second child.Until the children in the belly is full three months, to tell the husband pregnancies.

the husband takes into account the three days, agreed.

like the vast majority of the expectant mothers during pregnancy, the small mo before the child is born, the imagination of future life is almost all sweet and good side, and the children really was born, in the life the most cold side just like the curtain, a little bit to lift up.

two foetuses and daughter, father wash, a text message let mother who thoroughly, divorce will do

the youngest daughter was born, mother need full attention, at the same time, the eldest daughter, also can't let go, little busy mo suddenly became a spinning top.Eldest brother go to school during the day, the small mo at home to take care of the old two eat and drink pull scatter.Eldest brother go home at night, the little mo holding the middle, help the boss with homework.Weekend the weather is good, small and he single-handedly holding the middle, with one hand holding the eldest, to take a walk in the park, or go to the zoo to see a look.

it was a pretty tough days, day and night, after the head of the head, can't sleep, eat is bad, almost no time to myself.Fortunately, little mo parents open a shop nearby, somehow can guarantee a meal.

the most difficult time, little MOE didn was considered one of the kids to grandma and grandpa go to tube, but that idea has just come out suddenly, pinned down again.

when the summer vacation, daughter wants to go to Beijing, molina said yes, she led her eldest daughter holding more than one year old little girl, sitting on the train to Beijing, five days after come back, the whole people lost a big circle.

I asked her, so sad that day, the in the mind have a rage at the time, want to abandon everything?

small mo certainly answer: a lot of anger, but not for the children, but for the child's father.

yes, small mo had two children, they were filled with eyeful is happy, but all of the description, but no father's shadow.He is the child's father, where is he?

two foetuses and daughter, father wash, a text message let mother who thoroughly, divorce will do

the youngest daughter was born before long, the small mo's husband is from outside come back, come back once a month for a day or two, now you can go home every day.

this is a happy thing, originally small MOE didn really very happy.A few days can be happy, two people began to enter the war model, first is showed noisy, gradually became the cold war, then began to excuse the company occupy, don't go home for several days.

around the center in the long struggle of only one: dad completely regardless of the child!

the eldest daughter was born, my father work in the field, can't help you there.But now dad came back, the younger daughter also so small, the eldest daughter is sensitive period of reconstruction of parent-child relationship, the most need of help, my father chose to stand by.This is the little not the root cause of the anger.

one day more than eleven o 'clock at night, dad came home, and come back with a dog.Don't listen to the sound of the door, underwater acoustic sound, is to give the dog a bath.Small mo looked in the past, remind him down a bit, don't make so much noise the baby to sleep.Dad didn't listen, still diligently for the dog to rub bubble, from head to toe, bit by bit seriously and carefully, washing action like look after the baby gently.After the first time to use bath dew, hedge, think enough washing clean, and wash it again carefully.

small mo in watching, didn't say anything, the heart is cold down bit by bit, she never seen dad with gentle eyes to face the child.The youngest daughter is almost three years old at that time, he also never give a child a bath in the wash.Don't dog than children kiss?

small mo think impassability.She went to ask dad.I give children diapers, playing your mobile phone!When I was fed to the child, you only eat first!I take children go out to play, you lie in bed asleep!I take children to the hospital sees a doctor, you don't want to move!...This is my one child?You are the child's father!

father's answer is clear: the baby was born you don't want to, not I want to be born again!

small don't want to cry, but have nothing to say.A child is not his requirement was born, so he can feel at ease ground to do the shopkeeper of cutting, they will swallow bitter himself with tears.Small don't figured it out, also see clearly.She in my heart said to myself: if dad all the time, finally to divorce, I will take their children to leave.

since then, the small mo no longer complain, no longer being asked, her heart is only one idea: to bring up two children!

two foetuses and daughter, father wash, a text message let mother who thoroughly, divorce will do

this message small mo has been retained, don't want to delete, see a man a word.She does not take the initiative to get a divorce. After all, this is the child's biological father, in the children's world, is not she felt the injustice and loneliness.But she also ready one thousand walk to the last step, however, she is the most strong children's head that day.

small mo little daughter is four years old now, can I ask her to write this story, she agreed.In written yesterday "daughter selfish indifference, mother chilling, prefer to pay a fine, only to find her husband also want to have two children!", explain in detail the small mo to the cause of the second child, resulted in a widespread.But really small mo is in trying to do a good mother, the eldest daughter taught her to use more heart to face the two children.No one is born to be mother, some people quickly adapted to the character, some people have seen something before he entered the role, the small mo belong to the latter.

for the decision of the second child, little MOE didn admits his original reckless and impulsive, but the child was born, she had to carry all this.Even if dad to excuse responsibility, after she was hurt my heart, still bullet took everything, this is the sign of maturity.Making mistakes is not terrible, terrible is made a mistake but avoid responsibility, refused to take.

this family didn't really break out, the presence of the child let her have the extraordinary patience, for the children, she has made many simply cannot imagine the thing before.

she didn't know, for the children, she can sleep still spirit one hundred times;For the children, she can in the face of my dad's indifference, still insist on fearlessly;For the children, she could under the weight of the life, still keep smiling...With their children, let her not only see the growth of the child, at the same time also witnessed your growth.Maybe one day, she would wait until the moment of the child's father grew up.

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