do this a few things have baby long not tall!

recently good treasure mom ask "my baby is 3 years old, height has always been not long, and treasure to dad and my height is not high also, very worried, the height of later."

there is a common saying says: short a dad, mom changes a litter, it means that in the future the baby height more depends on the height of parents, this sound is a little rough, but definitely not the only one.

you see, Chinese NBA star Jeremy height 191 cm, but you know what his parents are less than 170 cm height?

high at that time, Jeremy is only 161 cm, but by various factors such as diet, exercise, 3 years 30 cm tall.

although said Jeremy may is a special case, but it can be seen that the day after tomorrow is really important.

say baby grow those things today, treasure treasure mom dad as long as do these things, he is not really high.

scientific standards, the baby can grow how high?

when it comes to the baby grows, the first thing you need to know is that my baby in the future can grow how high?

this thing well done, don't worry about the baby long is not high!

the height of the world health organization for children in the future have a standard suggestion formula, the treasure treasure mom dad can oneself measure:

boy = 45.99 + 0.7 8 x (father mother height + height) present 2 + / - 5.29 cm

girl = 37.85 + 0.75 x (father mother height + height) present 2 + / - 5.29 cm

note at the back of the + / - 5.29 cm?A into a difference will be big to 10 cm, that is to say, originally can grow to 180 cm tall, maybe can only grow up to 170 cm.

so tall have genetic advantages, even if parents on the baby's height can't careless.

by the same token, if a parent is not ideal, also don't believe the "parents is short, must be the baby", "the short one, dad mom short a nest", don't give up easily.

baby can be tall, natural genetic accounted for only 70%, and 30% of the day after tomorrow is need our efforts together with the baby.

eat to

say first breakfast nutrition, before I have written a article about "breakfast" collocation, there is a breakfast, snacks and fruits and vegetables.

never seen treasure mom can reply view "breakfast".While seen treasure mom, can then looked down.

this thing well done, don't worry about the baby long is not high!

" milk supply to keep up with the

baby's daily calcium intake amount is about 400 mg, 1 ~ 10 years old baby to daily requirement is 600-800 mg of calcium.

if the baby has added a side dish, milk also do not reduce, this is I have to remind before.

because of the side dish to eat more, and less nutrition balanced, so milk must keep up with, don't let assist food accounts for the vast majority of.

" vitamin D

actually most precious treasure mom dad has mended, but a few don't do a good vitamin D supplementation.

after 1 ~ 2 years old, in particular, may not be eaten, this kind of situation I come across a lot of in the background.

although sunshine can complement vitamin D, but we can't guarantee can bask everyday?So I have to fill the fill also.

and of pediatricians recommend born before 15 days to 2 years old baby, every day should be 400 iu of vitamin D, oral is converted to weight 10 micrograms.

" sufficient calcium

I chat with brother-in-law several days before, he had a classmate, his father is 155 height, 158 height, his mother on his classmate in elementary school also is very short.

later, his mother () to be a doctor, and gave him drink all kinds of milk a day, which is adequate calcium intake.

as a result, all of a sudden on the junior high school up to 175, until now already 185, and brother-in-law never drink milk in childhood, 170 until now, this case is absolutely true.

so older babies, treasure mom can give the baby to eat calcium-rich foods of lay particular stress on, such as milk, yogurt, cheese, sesame paste, dried small shrimps, bean curd, soya-bean milk, etc., for it.

run jump jump height

research has shown that young children love sports more than the average height of inactivity can vary up to 4 to 8 cm, even more.

Jeremy said before is a typical example.

this thing well done, don't worry about the baby long is not high!

here said a father-in-law example, this is he often in life, he used to go to school is very short, is about 5 cm shorter than the average height of the class.

as a result, he was unwilling to listen to teacher of physical education, to the high bar, results in just three months, the 4 cm long, since that time the mood happy, ha ha.

now life is good, a lot of places have a lot of baby activity venues, at ordinary times is ok, after dinner, take a rest, take the baby to go out to exercise, for it.

especially on high, jumping rope, basketball, etc., stretching, such as pull-ups, swimming, gymnastics, etc., are recommended.

these for muscle, ligament, cartilage, the spine and growth of limb bones are highly beneficial.

more exercise, prevent disease

if prevention, in fact, we are understand yourself, but sometimes you prevent again, it will not to prevent, this is no way.

but I have a method can reduce illness, that is just the "movement" mentioned above.

this thing well done, don't worry about the baby long is not high!

you can think of it, we must have met some "baby" often run to jump out, the more likely they are ill especially low.

and if often stay at home, and go out baby, have a higher chance instead of sick.

so, mo mama to call, don't take baby do curtilage, bring baby go out activities activities, nothing out of the sweat, immunity greatly.

mood better

scientific studies have shown that babies in different state of mind for a long time, so have different growth hormone secretion.Happy growth hormone secretion to around 10% more than it was not happy.

so treasure treasure mom dad should try to let the baby happy and happy through various ways.

this thing well done, don't worry about the baby long is not high!

mom will continue to call on, though when the mother is very tired, busy busy, and even worry about family in XXX.

but you don't want disorderly mood, nothing more than listen to the song, look for mo mother chat, nothing can not pass, is important to let the baby is happy.

so treasure if mom are in a bad mood, you can find the mo mother chat, open the door, so the mood also can open, don't be bored all day, really bad.

as online loved says "in a bad mood for a chat, a bad chat twice, two good chat three times."

it is not boring, to keep the best state to the baby, the baby to the physical and mental health can also help.

said today there are many, hope don't suspicion I nag.

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