her mother-in-law to marriage, i must be a boy i just gave birth to a girl give me her mother-in-law

I have a very feudal mother-in-law, the husband is a single parent families, brought up by her mother-in-law with one hand.Though are single, but not see the husband only listen to your mother, so I have a good rest assured, to him also admire him.When regardless of her parents' opposition to marry him.

the mother-in-law, when I first saw is put forward with me, can get married, must be born boy, because his offspring, the husband is an only child!I said yes, because the husband will help me, now the marriage knot to say again first, then the boy let husband go to fix it.

we get married, what all have no, also with the mother-in-law lives in an old house, I have children soon after marriage, but I am pregnant when her mother-in-law also stroke, lying in bed, not me no one care, mother-in-law and I could take care of it.

mother-in-law to I must be a boy, I just had a baby girl after marriage, her mother-in-law gave me 200000

I have no complaints, think later day will be fine.But during my pregnancy, I found a husband to call other women behind my back, special soft voice, just like before marriage to me, I feel bad, but don't want to make with children, afraid of hurt children.

after giving birth to children, I am more busy, only I a person take care of mother and child, husband back a little salary every month, one is that I'm not angry with him, fear him not to give the cost of living, I don't know how to raise children, one is really no chance to communicate well with him, day after day he came back is not straight answer the phone is a big sleep, home of the things I did, I didn't even have time to talk with him.

so the child is a year old, I feel like I'm a single mother, the child's birthday I call him back to the child's birthday, he come back, together with daughter to eat the cake, blow the candle.But over and then ran out, from now on Never came back.Just send information told me that he in love with another woman, with her in the past.My heart had been perceived him not at home now, people also go, I also didn't say anything.

mother-in-law to I must be a boy, I just had a baby girl after marriage, her mother-in-law gave me 200000

broken links with him from now on, I a person to take, take care of his mother, didn't he take home pay, I just find a part-time job for the time being, difficult but somehow has to eat.Child has to find a way to earn more again, currently only this., I also want to give up his mother to take children back alone, but she was an old man's house, age is only 50 years old or so, she can also down under my care, just can't walk, to exercise, how can I leave her alone?

the children 2 years old, her mother-in-law can go, just help me to do housework, also can look after the children, I can set his mind at to work full-time.I never actually thought that the old lady would hurt my daughter, because she had so bewilders me to bare her grandson.But now, she is good for my daughter, daughter is very sticky grandma.

one day, her mother-in-law called me in the past, said to me, call me now hard points, for their children to school, she has 200000 here, was there for the husband to marry daughter-in-law to buy a house, because at that time, I asked so didn't give me, ready to give us back when I gave birth to a grandson, unexpectedly gave birth to a daughter, she again stroke, just not to me.Now when the conscienceless her son died, when my daughter, my daughter and her granddaughter, she said, who said her daughter can't pass, after my granddaughter a door-to-door son-in-law, to continue the family line.

mother-in-law to I must be a boy, I just had a baby girl after marriage, her mother-in-law gave me 200000

I put the money saved up, after reading with her daughter, now she was small, I afford to eat bitter, from now on we niang three together, her mother-in-law treat my daughter like to kiss, as she is a must I promised her, is to give her daughter a door-to-door son-in-law, ha ha, I think of that, when they get married in desperation and temporarily first promised to the old lady, so everyone is happy, is not a pity.

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