mother took the baby to the supermarket can not spend a penny eat the belly of the supermarket became his granary


it's suffocating to death.

mother-in-law took the baby to the supermarket, can not spend a penny to eat the belly, the supermarket has become his granary

because this a company new product, I always work overtime, put the baby to her mother-in-law, such busy before this period of time to put the little one.Spare some time yesterday, I ran back to her mother-in-law home, take the baby to come over, with the little guys go to the supermarket shopping.

in the car, I asked the baby like to eat?Baby don't feel like eating anything.At that time, I also wonder, thought it was her mother-in-law education well my little princess, because every time this little guy go to supermarkets to a lot of snacks, not to buy is not possible.I'm happy all the way, I thought it's really a big child, mother-in-law education is really good.

in the supermarket, baby cart pushing a small forward, I followed behind.Passing snacks zone, baby expertly crouched down, took a pack of 1 dollars a packet of prawn crackers, and then into the wheelbarrow.I'm in the side of the baby, said she don't don't of, how I was going to take?The baby cart to a small corner, and turn your back on what I'm doing there.

I gather together past a look, little one has opened the prawn crackers, eat themselves are huan.I hasten to stop her, tell her to check later, such behavior is wrong.Baby, dropping head, did not speak.I think the baby is too slow, not seriously.

in vegetables and fruits, I selected components for your baby.Shanzhu is beside the longan, baby pointed to me, I tell her I'll pick some to her, let her wait.Then I held her with one hand, a hand selected components.Wait me pick good shanzhu girl looked up at me, little mouth for longan.I was shocked, hurriedly to dig out for her.Baby to me and said, "grandma said, want to eat with their eating, I am a child, no one will say me."

mother-in-law took the baby to the supermarket, can not spend a penny to eat the belly, the supermarket has become his granary

to be able to imagine how bad my mood at that time?I patiently tell baby why not eat, and then put together she ate longan, then weighing.Baby by bulk zone, back to me and said, "I and grandma often come here to eat jelly, potato chips, raisin...Every time I eat, grandma kua I save money."Baby I asked grandma often take her to the supermarket?

the baby said, every day at noon in the afternoon, they are both spent in the supermarket.Grandma said, supermarkets not only cool and eat, and inefficient haven't snacks at home.

I don't have a quiet, with the baby back to her mother-in-law's house.I asked her mother-in-law is no money in hand, her mother-in-law said of course, she and her father-in-law's retirement salary every month to save, spend not over at all.I will continue to ask her, why to free take baby to go to the supermarket?This will ruin the child.

the mother-in-law pie pie said: "you are more things than other people's children I also see nothing.Every time we go to the supermarket don't spend money can fill the stomach, you are not kua I took the child, also pick my fault."Although the tone of her mother-in-law let me don't like very much, but I'm still in control of their emotions, told her can't so education of the children.Hours to steal needle, grew up and steal the gold.The child's problems are hours await your instructions.

mother-in-law took the baby to the supermarket, can not spend a penny to eat the belly, the supermarket has become his granary

result mother-in-law's shouts at the I directly: "what I think, my granddaughter how I want to take you to take!The you tube?The more you say me, I more to be like this."I was so angry at that time a heart, you'll make.All the tears out.The child looked at me a face of innocence, don't know what's the matter with her grandmother and me.I wanted to think, to call the company, said he would resign.

work I don't a big deal, baby I can't continue to let her mother-in-law, or you really want to ruin.

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