xiaoguzi take five year old daughter put my house she pushed the door and the part of the child is returned in my heart!

the husband after marriage, and I just bought a house in the city, convenient for their children to school, and our own work, my husband and I married for three years, we have a two year old baby, the husband afraid I too hard also specially hired a nanny to help me with the children.Husband has a younger sister, lived in near my home, but her husband perennial work outside, she was the only person to work with children, in the city.Sometimes XiaoGuZi busy, would put the children in my home, let me look after.

XiaoGuZi five year old daughter put my house, she opened the door and pick up the kids, is alive in my heart!

I didn't go to work, I was at home with children, XiaoGuZi put the child in my family, I have to take care of, to the best of each XiaoGuZi say to want to put the children to come over, I will go to buy some delicious fun to prepare in advance.XiaoGuZi child is a daughter, was five years old, is all I have ever seen the most naughty children, every time I see I don't call me, also not very polite to me, is the temper, a little princess who provoked her goes wrong, she will cry, sometimes with my two year old baby go dispute, baby make me cry, but I can not say anything.

once, XiaoGuZi daughter was brought to my house again, XiaoGuZi said this time going to work five days away, let me look after, give me also took a few hundred dollars, said let me to buy something to eat, I said no, is a family, I will take good care of, but XiaoGuZi just give me the money and left.Niece, there are a lot of bad habits, don't like to eat, like to eat snacks, day and night watching cartoon, also see about, don't like to take a bath, and comb my hair every time when I help her do all crying incessantly, once bit me, how to pipe and pipe, several times I want to give her tidy up a meal, but thought that is not their own children, there is no under his hand, niece in my this five days, I'm really very suffered, when her father for the same.

XiaoGuZi five year old daughter put my house, she opened the door and pick up the kids, is alive in my heart!

five days later, XiaoGuZi to pick up the kids, still a lot of snacks, a niece see mother ran up, and also in XiaoGuZi ear said what, I see XiaoGuZi expression changed, then XiaoGuZi said: "my daughter in you it doesn't bother you?"I said no, then XiaoGuZi carrying a big bag of things gone, also said a words, before leaving to her niece said: "baby, home mother to eat you to do well, these days let you suffered, do you think you are thin, next time won't let's it?"Hear XiaoGuZi said these words, my in the mind have a feeling of dummy eat rhizoma coptidis.

XiaoGuZi five year old daughter put my house, she opened the door and pick up the kids, is alive in my heart!

XiaoGuZi let me help to take care of her daughter, my keen than anyone, I have to take care of her, to the best of meet her, as if I abuse by now and her daughter, really don't know who is in the torture, XiaoGuZi said so, I really chilling, heart all over to Tony, I can not help her see after the child, do more harm than good, isn't it?

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