after months baby's body has a foul taste in open baby clothes mother angry slapping his face


maomao since pregnant with the child, has always been their husband take care of yourself.But her husband, maomao haven't gave birth to a child!At home to buy what also can deal with the past, but since the birth of children, her husband at work again, no matter what to do is very inconvenient.Maomao has even at the moment want to children of their own plan to put back in the belly.

in Mao Ao just pregnant the first time, however, say that every time the pregnancy test is very good, the check result doctor told maomao children very health.But because of the nature of their work, so in a pregnancy after maomao, raise the tyres have been at home at ease, never to worry about any work, the whole family all of a sudden fall in the old one's hands.But when maomao pregnant to quickly after nine months, after finished the pregnancy test in the hospital, the doctor told maomao: your child RaoGeng three times, if you at home if you have any discomfort, must be timely to hospital for check.

has a foul taste in 6 months babies, lift the baby clothes, mother angry slapping his face

but in maomao cultivation at home after half month, go to a hospital making pregnancy test again, the doctor happily said to maomao: congratulations, your child has come in the belly to bypass, maomao in the heart of the big stone is finally fell to the ground.And in maomao when wanting to have children, the whole process is very tortuous, birth time and maomao for more than three working days, because maomao good physical condition, the doctor in the hospital for maomao selected natural suitable to produce children, but children the whole time is very long, in the delivery room for more than six hours of children.

maomao at the beginning, in the heart always think about if children born after, I will my days are not can feel so much better?But one thing happened then was like a bolt from the blue, completely defeated maomao heart, born in children haven't three days, it has a high fever, and maomao just healed a cold to the child, the child began to have loose bowels, the other, but rather will maomao for a few days and nights without sleep well, eat and eat is not good, day and night guard around children.

has a foul taste in 6 months babies, lift the baby clothes, mother angry slapping his face

the days also did not take long time, but to maomao had never expected, his that is more than four months old child unexpectedly hard fall down from the bed, fortunately, the child is not affected by most big damage.Can be said to be the crop after the happening of the crop, and a half years old child, maomao is holding the children to the child lactation suddenly smelled a smell of a stink.

maomao at that time thought it was their children misbehave.But as maomao lifted the child's neck collar, discover the child the neck has been flooded.And in flooded areas have started to fall off the phenomenon of the two, it was scared maomao hurriedly washed for children, children will immediately sent to the hospital, but the storm lasted for less than half a month.But whenever maomao think of their children because of pain and tears, tears will not fall in heart.

has a foul taste in 6 months babies, lift the baby clothes, mother angry slapping his face

small make up finally want to say is, as the parents of the children, when children had just been born, must pay attention to the good baby every day work, especially on a hot summer day, although now have air conditioning, but while living in air conditioning room, these little detail must not be ignored.However in the parents give their children after wash body, be sure to select better towels will water wipe clean all children.

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