you selfish to shield your child why would i teach my children to you?

every child is the parents' baby, when to see their children be wronged, the parents are equally empathy sad, parents to protect children take it for granted.Every parents to do so, but just their children happy, regardless of whether or not wronged someone else's child, I can't do.

my husband and I are in the field work, my husband has a younger sister, before we get married, the child is seven years old, living in his own home with grandma and grandpa, little more than three years, since I got married that year in our live, because my husband and I have been in the field, so didn't also a lot of contradictions, and now my child big more than three years old, and her middle age, a few months, little more than a year old.Is equal to the baby there are three in my family, my eldest brother and old, her family's penis.

you selfishly protect your children, why would I teach my children to you?

this is the fact that the last month because I dabao pneumonia in the hospital, I ask for leave go back for a few days.One evening my mother-in-law stewed ribs corn soup.At first is each child choose to eat with chopsticks.Because of itself, so it is cut the corn in a short period of a short period.Later, my baby and said to me: mom, I also want to corn, so I into the kitchen to him, just see XiaoGuZi in stew pot for corn, she has four period of the bowl.Then I also take the spoon out of, but also has a while.I'm a little angry, then said to her, inscription inscription and ping ping didn't eat, you bully a person with so much?She was a little embarrassed, want to let her daughter points out, but her daughter wouldn't.

you selfishly protect your children, why would I teach my children to you?

behind my son keeps saying: inscription inscription to corn, inscription inscription to corn, also to pan out, but only to a few kernels.I am very sad, I at home, she do this to my children, their children.It is too selfish, even give my children a man for a short period, two pieces of her own children, I also not be so angry.My baby and went to the corn, I really couldn't help it would be a bit to say loudly: corn have no, tomorrow to buy, aunt will not leave you.Who let you so honest, see your cousin so bossy and nothing to eat.Later did not go to rob, you know?My mother-in-law scolded me, not to teach children that what rob don't rob, grandma and buy it tomorrow.I said, don't steal to eat?Adults can fair treatment?Adults are not fair, why children fair?

you selfishly protect your children, why would I teach my children to you?

I also see out, why XiaoGuZi for so many years has been living in my house, let her family, and are taking care of her feelings, her children also should be a little overlord.But we never say what, so after the incident, is there anything I can say what, you are selfish to want to your children, why would I let you?

you den, I right?

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