baby can solve constipation do do three both

in addition to eating, sleeping, the baby poo is parents are most concerned about the problem.

baby constipation do, do it can solve the

baby a few days not defecate is constipation?

your baby a few days not defecate is not necessarily a constipation, also may be in the belly.Saving belly usually occurs in 2 ~ 6 months old babies, and many children of exclusive breastfeeding.Because of the baby, the digestion and absorption ability is born to have improved, can more fully, digestion and absorption in breast milk could so gut food particles decreases, defecation time interval will extend, stool frequency will be from 2 ~ 5 times a day, once into 2, 3 days, or even once a week, and a half months.During the saving belly baby discharge shit don't do it, not hard, no pain during defecation, discharge amount of defecate is not much, no scleroma.

but if the baby defecation time interval longer than 2 days, at the same time occurrence defecate effort, pain, and discharge waste dry, has scleroma situation just as constipation.Generally mild constipation, head slightly dry stool, form back to normal, will often not be too difficult.But if there are serious constipation, defecate is particularly dry, shaped like a dung ball, the baby is easy to appear anal fissure, and even bleeding.Baby because of defecation pain, often can't defecate, causes defecation time interval is longer, up to a week, or longer.Sometimes will loose from the dung of rectum gap drip out, mother will see diapers on a little stool, but that doesn't represent the baby constipation have scaled down, still need to be vigilant.

baby constipation do, do it can solve the

how to solve the problem of the baby constipation?

1. diet

let the baby drink plenty of water, if the baby has been added consisting of , for the baby can eat more fruits and vegetables, whole grains (corn, oats, etc.) to mitigate and prevent constipation food: white radish, edible fungus, celery, squash, sweet potatoes, dragon fruit, banana (habitual constipation is not easy to eat), black sesame and honey (fast) babies under one year of age.

don't excess calcium, calcium serious when diagnosed separately and calcium preparations.

2 regular bowel habit

ready to small toilet seat or appropriate, to clear the purpose of the toilet.Encourage children to sit on the toilet several times a day, let him be familiar with the toilet, at the same time to strengthen his perception of the toilet USES.Children like to imitate, can give the baby to do demonstration action to his imitation, can be repeated to the child said: "I sat on the toilet to pull BaBa (alternative) can also use other word."Until he knew the meaning of "pull BaBa".When children want to defecate, encouraging children to say "pull BaBa", "toilet" and other words, and then with a smile, a kiss to praise him, make the "pull BaBa" in the child mind produces positive meanings, and with the behavior of the defecation reflex.In addition, should pay attention to observing the baby's signal to go to the toilet, such as red face, body force.You can pointed at the toilet and asked him: "whether to pee ah", "whether want to poo," if the baby nod, you can put him into the toilet, let him to solve.

it is important to note that at the beginning of the training, if the baby to reject the way of the toilet and try not to force him, lest bring difficulties after training.

baby constipation do, do it can solve the

3 , abdominal massage

belly baby massage can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, defecate is also helpful to baby, mom rubbing his belly baby before you can get up early every day.Specific operation is as follows:

the first step:

let baby to lie down in a comfortable posture, with one hand on the baby rib at the bottom of the abdomen is slipping to the legs and also in the same style with another hand took turns to slide, and depending on the acceptance of the baby slowly increase strength.

baby constipation do, do it can solve the

step 2:

thumbs on the navel on both sides, pushed aside to parallel outward from a center point and the strength to slow, slow, soft, round, to alleviate baby's flatulence and constipation problems.

baby constipation do, do it can solve the

the third step:

over the baby's abdomen, slowly slide in a clockwise direction, draw a semicircle.His left hand in the same way to draw a full circle, hands over hand, continuous do several back.

baby constipation do, do it can solve the

step 4:

"L" and "U" the word massage.Right hand from the top of the baby's left flank, sliding down to his crotch, seemed to write the English letter "I";Then, with the same technique, the baby's upper right abdomen parallel slide into the upper left abdomen by taxi to the lower part, seems to be to write an inverted "L";Finally, the same with the same technique, the baby's right abdomen below the slide up to the top, and then slide to the left lower abdomen, as if to write an inverted "U", so the continuous motion, can help baby exhaust and relaxation, visual baby's acceptance for several times.

baby constipation do, do it can solve the

step 5:

"Andy:" the word massage.In addition, can also according to the direction of the arrow of figure, often walk like fingers, in order to press the intestines, the baby path is like a big "picture" word, help baby gastrointestinal peristalsis.

baby constipation do, do it can solve the

4 , drug treatment

probiotics, probiotics can synthesize a variety of vitamins, to participate in food digestion, promote intestinal peristalsis, thereby increasing moisture of excrement and urine, shorten the retention time of waste in the colon, reach the purpose of relieving constipation.But it is important to note that probiotics with 40 degrees of warm water a blunt, otherwise it will undermine its activity.

lactulose: lactulose is oral dosage forms, after taking almost cannot be absorbed, base can reach the colon, the colon is converted to organic acid, the digestive tract flora in the intestinal PH decline, stimulate colonic peristalsis.Lactulose, meanwhile, also can make water retention in the intestinal tract, to soften the excrement and urine, so that it is beneficial to discharge.Treatment with lactulose constipation will not become dependent, therefore, parents can rest assured use.

open plug dew: open type plug dew belongs to stimulate a laxative, it can be defecation reflex, lubrication gut and stimulate short-term use relatively safe, but the long-term use is likely to make the baby become dependent, forming no intense stimulation, refused to be in the habit of defecate, therefore, not as a last resort, parents don't give the baby to use to open the dew.

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