baby rice how to choose?all these i tried for you!

1. The global best (best) Earth rice The Earth best

baby rice how to choose? All these I tried for you!

the world is the best rice in the United States, is very famous in the United States, its main natural organic, all products do not contain genetically modified (gm), contains no preservatives, no artificial additives, including modified starch, etc., said popular point is to have nothing to add, pure natural ingredients.

rushed into the gunk shape after light grains fragrance, color beige, not authentic pure white, smooth than diary.Flower blossoming mom always eat the best in the world, more than seven months to replace the diary.

2. Diary rice Hipp

baby rice how to choose? All these I tried for you!

after brewing, rice paste is very exquisite, color pure, the common grain flavor, taste good nature,, compared with global best it with some milk taste.Don't know whether with a mom bought big baby is eating the section number.

all finished eating, the mouth cape will come up to the red small particles, then checked may be under wheat gluten allergy, but online to check the information indicated in the diary seems not containing oat bran, stop eating again after a period of time is completely adapted to the, hasn't been allergic phenomenon, so mama there would be no further research.

3. Gerber rice Gerber

baby rice how to choose? All these I tried for you!

it taste very good, hydrolysis, help the baby digestion and absorption, and the world's most like, garbo also has a sweet taste, add probiotics, help the intestinal health, digestion, improve immunity.

the rice word-of-mouth has been good, with many mothers are also recommended, when mom bought flowers were blossoming already has more than eight months, she did not know the rice cold, haven't finished a box.

4. Heinz rice Heinz

baby rice how to choose? All these I tried for you!

flower mum thinks its packaging the most intimate, the inside of the rice according to the quantity of each meal is divided into independent small bag packaging, need to eat, washed up on a small bag of good, not only convenient health, and moistureproof, taste is also very exquisite.

need to remind you, mom, blunt good rice paste if didn't eat for baby at that time, the second, don't give the baby to eat, eat it or treasure mom myself, either.

add rice tip

how to identify whether suitable for your baby?

just add consisting of babies, mothers must pay attention to defecation: peace, defecate is normal, the amount is normal, what's the difference between thick.Each baby's constitution is different, may have different reactions.

allergy how to do?

baby constitution is different, have different allergens, only tried to know, to bring baby see adhere to the principle of less by as much as, no hurry not rashness, slowly add.After eating must observe carefully, once appear, not to stop eating, over time not eliminate allergy, suggested that go to a doctor.


basic are composed of grain polished rice noodles, generally not easily lose, but can't say absolutely not angry.Heat is determined according to the baby's health, observed were mentioned phenomenon: the symptom such as envy, such as fart will give the baby drink plenty of water, is not stopped.


mother of attention, not only has a parenting view, can solve parenting pain points more, pay more attention to please WeChat public number: jigelema (in copy), as shown in the figure below.

baby rice how to choose? All these I tried for you!

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