eat contraceptives fuzhou into a two year old girl to menstruation


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sea all - recently, fuzhou more than two years old girl xiao ling (a pseudonym) chest suddenly uplift, return to menstruation, the main culprit is xiaoling eat the mother's birth control pills.According to statistics, in recent years, incidence of about 5%, the increase in the number of children with precocious puberty of girls accounted for eighty percent.Internal medicine of doctor of vice director of fujian xiehe hospital son Fang Xin said, in addition to eating contains sex hormone drugs, food, most of the children is caused by nutrition surplus, obesity, parents should observe more, and strengthen supervision.

eat the pill Fuzhou a two year old girl to menstruation

see mom hide medicine curious eating two

recently, my mother found xiaoling" fat ", chest a little bulge, quail egg size, to make matters worse, xiaoling have some blood on his pants, like blood.Mother scared, hurriedly take xiaoling to union medical college hospital inspection.

Fang Xin after detailed examination, doctors asked if parents xiaoling recent fed with the sex hormone drugs, food, etc., xiao ling's mother came home, found the pill in the bedside table or two.Pressed by, xiaoling said, once, she saw mother hid her to take medicine, pill bright-coloured color, thought it was mother's hidden sugar, while family members do not pay attention to, oneself ate the two.Taste very bitter, want to vomit is too late, and swallow.

Fang Xin doctors concluded that birth control pills containing female, progestational hormone, to stimulate the xiaoling breast development, to menstruation, is a pseudo precocious puberty, source and avoid contact with estrogen, sexual development will slow.

recommended exercise more eat less hormonal products

Fang Xin physicians, in recent years, every summer, outpatient neutral precocious children with more than half, fewer female than male.In addition to eat contraceptives, she also met parents give their children eat wild honeycomb, velvet and other supplements, eat out of the precocious puberty.

she explained, excessive nutrition will change a child normal endocrine environment, lead to early start pituitary gonadal axis, course of secondary development.

the Fang Xin doctors advice, children eat less products containing hormones, such as long-term eating beans, royal jelly, bird's nest, ginseng, silkworm chrysalis, anti-season vegetables, western fast food, Fried barbecue food, etc.;Eat raw food, reasonable collocation, grains, vegetables, meat, eggs and milk to prevent obesity;Don't use cosmetics, use less plastic products, don't turn on the light sleep;Use less participate in outdoor sports, electronic products, avoid premature love contact information.

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