Anti-mosquito method one thousand kinds, of which the most on?Most comprehensive method of drive midge effect are here!


summer arrived, annoying mosquito is raging again.All kinds of drive midge products also.

which one of the most useful?I once said that a clear:

, 1 drive midge software

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all kinds of drive midge software are not group of principle is said to mosquito by "sound".In fact, most of the mobile phone software can emit ultrasonic drive midge, no drive midge effect, part of the software will be issued a "buzzing" sound and flashing blue light, the only effect is quickly used your cell phone battery.

, garlic drive midge

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no evidence that garlic can mosquito, garlic juice was bitten by mosquito, damaged skin has spicy stimulation, could only not fundamentally solve the problem.3,

vitamin B1

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vitamin B1 dissolves there will be a strange and disgusting smell, so someone with vitamin B1 smoked away mosquitoes.But this is just a legend , vitamin B1 have no drive midge anti-mosquito effect.

, 4 plants drive midge

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drive midge plant body contains the drive midge substances released into the air is not active, only by the odour of blade can't give you the drive midge , at most give plants their drive drive midge.And if use nepenthes capture for mosquitoes, the efficiency is too low, hope they really kill mosquitoes.

however, ignite tsao form natural mosquito-repellent incense have good drive midge effect, moreover, cordate telosma, milan have effect.

, mosquito repellent bracelet/drive midge post

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mosquito repellent bracelet to wear convenient, look lovely.Look from the product packaging, mainly the composition such as citronella oil, peppermint oil. but bracelets drive midge is affected by the distance. to wear on my hand, other parts of the body will be bitten to.If not bitten by mosquito, seems to be all posted a few more in the future.6,

aromatherapy mosquito repellent lamp

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aromatherapy mosquito repellent lamp is mainly rely on essential oil to drive midge, principle similar to mosquito repellent bracelets.Even if use, is still has the potential to bite.However, essential oil type drive midge products while mark is "essential oil", but a lot of unqualified products use false oil blending, contains a lot of the chemical composition of harmful to the human respiratory tract, so want to normal channels.7

, wind

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wind materials such as eucalyptus oil of mint, has a strong smell, away mosquitoes effect to a certain extent, but not obvious .More is with swelling and itching of mosquito bites.8,

mosquito lamp

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rely on light to attract mosquitoes, mosquito lamp, have certain effect.Because the mosquito lamp USES the ultraviolet ray, open the mosquito repellent lamp at the time of people is not present, as far as possible don't open during sleep a night, so adverse to human body.9

, drive midge toilet water

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drive midge toilet water (not ordinary toilet water) are generally contain DEET (DEET) and drive midge ester composition such as is a national level certification of mosquito repellent to avoid agent , drive midge is effective , but it also is indeed a kind of pesticides.Suggest avoiding skin damage and infants and young children the best adding deet drive midge products;Recommend infants and young children and pregnant women are only "deet", choose "drive midge ester.

anti-mosquito method one thousand kinds, of which the most on? Most comprehensive method of drive midge effect are here!

generally normal manufacturer of the product, according to the instruction manual correct use, will not bring health problems.When buying may have a look whether there is certification, the ministry said.Standard in our country is to achieve the 4 to 6 hours drive midge effect but also can achieve the effect of current product is very little, general more than two hours is considered valid.

, 10 mosquito-repellent incense/electric mosquito-repellent incense

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liquid mosquito-repellent incense or electric mat, electric mosquito-repellent incense, principle through volatilization, mosquito substance is really effective. however, mosquito-repellent incense typically contain pesticides , such as pyrethroids, lower its toxicity to human and animal.But ordinary mosquito-repellent incense smoke can irritate the human respiratory tract, the home of infants and young children, pregnant women, or the elderly asthma patients should pay attention to, and use the best limited to indoor no person during the day, if anyone should be ventilated.11,


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although mosquito net is an ancient method of anti-mosquito, but safer than chemical anti-mosquito method.

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