Children JiShi, what do you do?


child JiShi, what do you do?

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a lot of parents have doubt

why children eat is not much, or some children every meal porridge, how still JiShi?

this is a kind of invisible JiShi, volume.

generally for those who just appeared JiShi parents is clear in my heart.Because children ate what parents is the most clear, the child one day eat more or not to eat, children will appear have tone or canthus have gum and so on some of the symptoms were mentioned.

now feeding error is bigger, every parents want to give the baby to provide something better.But parents provide good baby is not needed.

how to observe whether children JiShi

the first: master ta temperature .Baby before going to bed my mother best to touch ta is the chest and abdomen is warmer than the other places to .If so, that is about to be careful.

because JiShi fever and the common cold fever, different JiShi fever generally from the chest and stomach heat up first, the amount of time temperature is usually in 36.8 degrees and 37 degrees.If two days without treatment, more children will fever.

to a child's chest, palms and soles is always hot.In the traditional Chinese medicine about five upset hot , is also an expression of the inner product of fire.The second:

the shit of the children .Every mother to observe their baby shit.Observe several times a day, it is thin or thick?Is there a different color?

if the child is usually once a day.One day suddenly turned into 3 or 4 times.That this is also a precursor, if measures are not taken to the next day, the child may appear indigestion diarrhoea or JiShi xie.Baby then there is the usual are normal banana soft stool, suddenly hair green or not forming the this is JiShi performance.Third point:

coating on the tongue.Now more and more mothers go to watch the baby's tongue coating.If a child suddenly becomes thicker coating on the tongue or become black and white one red one.This shows or spleen and stomach problems, must grasp to deal with.

the fourth: see next eyelid .Children of lower lid suddenly swollen, blue or red .This shows that children have JiShi.

the fifth: see appetite .If the children don't worry about eating before, more convenient and eat very sweet.Suddenly the loss of appetite, piddle , which is a precursor.Sixth:

the children sleep.Children sleep better all the time, this two days suddenly over and over, lying down to sleep .Going at night, sweat even in a short while awake for a while, and molar snore also want to notice, there are other words stomach out of the bedroom.

the first 7: .Tone is one of the typical child JiShi performance.

the first eight: upper respiratory tract infection, repeatedly repeatedly tonsil inflammation .

JiShi, it is easier to fire, and we have all heard a word called: throat is the portal of lung .If a child has been tonsillitis, even tonsil swollen.Mother will consider whether a child often eat more more miscellaneous , lead to taste the fire, because fire feature is upward, so long-term JiShi child will recur tonsil inflammation or upper respiratory tract infection.

JiShi prevention and curing

on the other hand, focuses on the daily regulating ." grain for raising, five livestock for profit, the five dishes for the filling, five fruit to help " this sentence means raising our body is the corn, and eat more food, and on this basis can eat some meat, to eat some fruit to supplement, because we know that the body's main energy from food.

parents don't have to give the child to eat too much of this kind of nourishment, often give their children eat a turnip cabbage be safe, appropriate to eat whole grains, are a sign of good love their child.

on the other hand is to rely on the parents careful observation, early found early treatment .Mother found the child's symptoms, early are less relative regulate time is short.Once the time is longer, stagnant, children will appear has a fever and vomiting, such cases, the long course of the disease.

moms so we must learn from everyday life to find problems in time, found that children have JiShi, must be appropriate hungry hungry.

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