How can the smooth pregnant women treasure?The nine words millions of people are looking for

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although a boy female are all the same, but some parents still want a little public election?Only in god's hands?NO!To master the following nine secret method, let you have a boy or a girl options.In this life must give birth to a daughter, too many benefits can

1, women to eat more acidic food. girl sex chromosome combinations for XX, if women eat more acidic foods such as meat, protein, etc can make the body acidic environment, and Y sperm acid is low, it's very difficult to survive, which in turn increases the chances of sperm and egg combine X.

2, best conception has knew every three days.In in the total number of sperm, sperm count Y is 2 times of X sperm, so want to have a girl will reduce the total number of sperm, thereby reducing Y sperm, and interval knew a few days just can make the total number of sperm decrease, Y sperm number is less, the possibility of it with the egg.

3, two days before ovulation. 14 days after starting this month menstruation is oviposit day, and after the 12 days (two days before ovulation) is one of the best pregnant date to girls.

4, knew when shallow inserted into the launch. lighter emission can reduce reach the uterus Y sperm count, leaving more X sperm, because from injection to the uterus entrance need to distance and time is quite long, not acid Y sperm will slowly lose their vitality, and the number of more acid X sperm to reach the womb, and the rate of egg is big.

5, sex position selection is very important. men's and women's lateral position face to face, for example, or the elongation of the straight leg, the man at the top level is very suitable for light to enter.How can I became pregnant with boys?A lot of people have been about nine this arcane

6 women, avoid excitement. women in the excitement, the intense pleasure, cervical canal can secrete a large number of strong alkaline liquid, the extremely unfavorable X sperm survival, girls would lower the risk of, preferably avoid the foreplay, this reduces the pleasures of the woman.

7, husband and wife should be in 9 ~ 11 months pregnant. the study found that low temperature environment are more likely to girls, according to people most of girls in October.

8, timely old-age fertility. a man's sperm count will increase and decrease with age, the same as women age, in the womb, alkaline secretion will be reduced year by year, the rate of girls will greatly improve.How to determine is pregnant women treasure?These eight words countless pregnant mother is looking for

9, men often wear tight pants. men usually wear tights will make scrotal temperature rise, resulting in a decrease of sperm counts, and boys Y sperm weak endurance will die first, that increases the probability of girls.

the stress of other men, often vegetarian women also easy girls.

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