Alert!Baby to eat not fat, belly may have a worm!

a child can't eat fat, parents might be considered insufficient nutrients or physique is good, but must be vigilant the worm!Ascariasis and rao worm disease is the high incidence of disease of children, in spring and summer hindered the growth of children.The worm and worm eggs break through all kinds of unhealthy children behavior into bodies of children, parents must pay attention to the child's personal hygiene at ordinary times.

a lot of parents don't ascariasis rao worm disease seriously, think it is a generation of talent on some issues.Actually the worm has been exist all around us, with no wash the melon and fruit, suck finger into the body of the child or children, development of breeding, and children for nutrition.A lot of the worm in the stomach can cause a variety of diseases such as intestinal obstruction, mom and dad must pay attention to.

alert! The baby to eat not fat, belly may have worm!

about ascariasis mom and dad want to know these

ascariasis symptoms

how to judge the child have no ascariasis?This is a problem concerned by many parents.Sometimes children always eat not fat, mom and dad just worry about whether to play worms, it is likely and children exercise at ordinary times, the high metabolic rate.

pediatric contracted worm have don't want to eat, or can eat long not fat, abdominal distension, paroxysmal abdominal pain, such as .The worm has a habit of borehole drilling, sometimes with bile duct, biliary ascariasis, drill into the appendix, sometimes cause the appendix roundworm disease;Worm long can twist clumps, Yin bowel loops caused by ascaris ileus, larvae drill to the lungs, can cause hypersensitivity pneumonitis;Ascariasis can also cause skin pruritus and urticaria, allergic purple, etc.

distinguish the snake can see if the child's eye is blue half moon, round, triangle of spots.See if his face is white spots or gray scales, there will be some baby face itchy bumps.If children often cry abdominal pain, and was centered around the navel knead for a period of time can ease the pain. with these symptoms of mom and dad can doubt is ascariasis.

parents can't literally take medicines

when mom and dad ascariasis is suspected, not just to give children a worm, because is likely to be other reasons, the should take their children to go to the hospital to do a simple test eggs, according to the guidance of a doctor medicine .Parents to take medicine, are likely to use the wrong medicine, and could lead to a parasite increase resistance, insect repellent to add the difficulty for the future, serious may cause inflammation or other more serious consequences .

alert! The baby to eat not fat, belly may have worm!

notice at ordinary times to prevent ascariasis

the illness, the worm eggs is also a child to eat.Parents must pay attention to the child's health situation at ordinary times, before the rice then empress to wash their hands, eating more fruits and enhance children's system .But melon also must be clean and wipe open water. often give their children cut clean fingernails , pay attention to let the children don't sew nails in the dirty things popped into the belly. home regularly disinfected , do these believe that bugs won't find a baby.

about rao trypanosomiasis mom and dad want to know these

rao worm and worm is a high incidence of disease, but a lot of parents can't tell what is the difference between the two.Many people will put rao worm and worm to, in fact they are completely different.

rao worm disease symptoms

some children infected with the rao worm disease, but will not have a symptom. rao worm disease typically show the night anal or vaginal itching, sometimes children may appear nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, prolapse of the symptom such as . there may be some children lack of appetite, emaciation, like nail biting, be agitated, insomnia, teeth grinding, enuresis, night terrors and neuropsychological symptoms .Pinworm parasitize can cause inflammation in the appendix, hemorrhage, necrosis or similar clinical symptoms of appendicitis.

rao worm disease treatment

round worm generally will spawn in the anus mouth at night, can cause anus week itching, contact will be eating into the body. often clean and exposure are advised to keep clothing, bedding, etc.Daily cleaning around the anus, can use some external use kill insect cream around at night before going to bed around the anus, stay around the worm eggs come out at night, to kill, can be had at the same time, get around the bug out.

alert! The baby to eat not fat, belly may have worm!

daily attention to prevent rao trypanosomiasis

enterobiasis widely popular and easily infect, its transmission ways through contact, inhalation of air, etc. if the baby got enterobiasis, family, must pay attention to children in schools, kindergartens, etc is also very easy to collective infection, so when treatment should be collective medication treatment at the same time, in order to achieve the purpose of cure. parents shall strictly implement the system of personal hygiene, cut short the child nails, toilet, wash your hands before eating, bathe, change underwear frequently, correct suck habit .

whether ascariasis and rao worm disease could be prevented, mom and dad to ensure the baby's health.Wash your hands before the rice then empress, avoid the illness.To child's nails trimmed regularly at the same time, the child's fingernails long become a dirty place, also should take correct bite fingers the bad habit of biting his nails, to maintain good health habits can avoid the occurrence of many diseases.

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