Good want confined to sit, this a few things to do, out of the confined ten years younger


nursing is the best opportunity to improve physical fitness a woman's life.Because women three times in a lifetime opportunity can regulate its own constitution, that is menstruation period, post-natal and menopause.And the most important thing is to postpartum at this stage.This time, a woman's body is like an open door, can put the prenatal long accumulation of excess water and toxins out of the body, as a result, new mothers must learn the correct maintenance, maintain good will let you ten years younger.

a, recovering from more than 30 days

want confined to sit well, this a few things to do, out of the confined ten years younger

about this question I asked a lot of mother and old people, say to sit on the full a month is ok, it's not.Medicine for nursing professional title is puerperium, a total of 42 days, instead of only 30 days or so.May our ancestors think after giving birth a month you can resume normal life, therefore calls after the training period for confined, but today most of the medical point of view is 42 days.In order to let the body recover better, maternal standard parts to 42 days.

2, pay attention to the uterine recovery

the uterus is included, gave birth to the baby's women after production, pay attention to the body during lili nursing, helps the postpartum uterus recovery.So, how long postpartum uterus can restore good?How to determine the postpartum uterus recovery?How to promote uterine recovery?Postpartum uterus recovery is bad?These are the new mother should be in the know.

want confined to sit well, this a few things to do, out of the confined ten years younger

  • the postpartum uterus recovery process

    the postpartum uterus recovery mainly includes the body of the uterus, cervical and endometrial three parts.The steady shrinkage of uterine recovery mainly action, from birth to squeeze the fetus and placenta, then discharge, lochia after shrinking uterus clots to achieve hemostasis effect.Finally, uterus extrusion, again will clot discharge uterus volume was reduced.

    1. The recovery of uterine body

    after the placenta, the uterus shrink immediately, can touch the belly spherical very hard uterine body, its highest point with navel level is high.A day later, uterine body height will be 1 to 2 cm, about 10-14 days after birth, the uterus has shrunk down into the pelvic cavity.

    2. The recovery of cervical

    just after the end of production, because the cervical hyperemia and edema, and extremely soft, the cervical wall is thin, after 7 days to return to original state.7-10 days the cervix mouth shut until about 4 weeks after childbirth, the cervix can return to normal size.

    3. Endometrial recovery

    the placenta, fetal membrane and phase separation, the wall of the uterus after discharge, through the matrix will grow new base layer from the lining of the uterus endometrium.About 10 days after giving birth to a child, in addition to the placenta adherent surface, the rest of the uterine cavity is completely covered by the new lining.Just after production, placenta part of the uterine wall is the area of the palm, about 2 weeks after delivery, reduced to 3-4 cm in diameter, until after six to eight weeks to heal.

  • how long postpartum uterus to restore good

    1. The recovery time of the uterus

want confined to sit well, this a few things to do, out of the confined ten years younger

  • the uterus is women in pregnancy and childbirth the obvious internal changes in the body organs, it consists of 50 grams grows by a gestation period of about 1000 grams.Under normal circumstances, the postpartum uterus take about six to eight weeks to return to new state.

    2. Lochia relations with uterus

    after the baby was born, followed by the placenta of childbirth, the maternal vaginal discharge some palm red liquid, containing the necrosis of decidual tissue, blood, mucus, and bacteria, such as in medicine is called "lochia.Whether the lochia clean is whether female uterus is an important indicator of returned to normal.

    3. Postpartum 42 days: lochia clean, normal uterus

    most women from 28 days or so will be in postpartum lochia clean, of course, some women may be a little longer time, but usually not more than 42 days.Because puerperal from postpartum 2 hours to 6 weeks, during which maternal body function will recover gradually, the uterus is not exceptional also, will return to normal female body state.So postpartum 42 days or 6 weeks is uterine recovery period, whether natural labor, cesarean section, forceps or breech birth production, in this time period should be lochia clean.

    4. Postpartum 42 days: lochia not clean, abnormal uterine

    if postpartum 42 days, women are still lochia, explain abnormal uterine recovery.If at the same time, such as quantity, color, smell abnormalities and changes, whether should be paid attention to as uterine diseases.Such as the placenta residue cause uterine contractions fatigue, bacteria through vaginal uplink infection or a recessive infection is not treated, delivery and cesarean section in poor wound recovery, the maternal to review and accept the treatment to the hospital in time.

three, postpartum diet to reasonable

postpartum, both natural birth and cesarean section for the physical body will have a loss, this time through scientific nursing to supplement qi and blood, the first few days postpartum, sleep is not recommended to eat some easy to digest, rich in nutrition, it is better not greasy food like rice porridge, noodle soup, etc., such as the body gradually after his recovery, can increase the proportion of some foods rich in high grade protein, such as milk, fish, eggs, meat, etc., at the time of recovering, fresh fruits and vegetables also wants appropriate eat more, promoting to eat healthy and comprehensive, if the milk secretion of postpartum mommy, want to drink soup, promote the secretion of milk.

want confined to sit well, this a few things to do, out of the confined ten years younger

pregnant women during recovering from eating to be temperate, not too full too hungry, don't eat raw, cold, hot thing in the world;Besides food food not to eat too much at a time, more not because of worry about obesity and diet.

4, personal hygiene is important

traditionally: puerperium can't shower, wash your hair, be afraid of left by the wind catch cold catch cold injuries.In fact this is not reasonable.

1, "lili" maternal perineal secretions more, every day used warm water to clean the genitals.Frequently in perineum pad and keep the perineum clean and dry.Around the postpartum lochia clean 4 weeks to 6 weeks.

want confined to sit well, this a few things to do, out of the confined ten years younger

2, usually after a week can take a shower, wash your hair, but must be tightly hold off, can't wash bath, lest bath used dirty water into the reproductive tract and cause infection.You can take a shower after 6 weeks.

3, often ventilated inside the bedroom, indoor temperature is too high, or high and low.Used to have a Windows and doors will be closed, whenever women have to cover thickness is, this is very dangerous, especially in the summer, easy to cause maternal heatstroke.But should pay attention to the following:

(1) to avoid the body during nursing the wind blows directly to the fan.

2. Do not put the tuyere when turn on the air conditioner to women, and to set the room temperature is around 25 to 28 degrees Celsius is the most appropriate.

3. During the nursing clothes if due to the excessive amount of sweat wet, must immediately change of dry clothes in winter bed for robe, up in the middle of the night nurse immediately to put on, will not affected by cold.

women during the period of "nursing", eat more, eat more also, if you don't pay attention to gargle brush my teeth, and easy to make the mouth bacteria breeding, oral disease.Many women are blindly believe in the past, "ritual" - nursing can't brush my teeth, and the result "sit" destroyed "lili" bite a tooth at a time.Women should brush your teeth twice every day, can choose soft toothbrush gently swipe.Every time after eating something, should wash your mouth with the warm boiling water.As long as the physical allow postpartum 2 days should start brushing your teeth, had better not exceed 3 days.

need to pay attention to the following:

1) attention to calcium nutrition during pregnancy, maintain oral health, avoid damage to the teeth.

(2) the maternal body is weak, is in the midst of the adjustment, more sensitive to cold stimulation.Therefore, remember to use warm water to brush

teeth, and had better toothbrush with warm water first before brushing maceration, stimulate the teeth and gums is too large to prevent cold stimulation.

(3) and going to bed in the morning and evening each brush again, if you have the habit of eating food taken late at night, brush again after he finished his supper.

(4) can be used in 3 days postpartum refers to wash, the index finger to wash or tie up gauze on the index finger, to squeeze toothpaste on the finger and ACTS as a brush head, on the teeth back and forth, up and down is wiped, reoccupy finger presses the gum several times.This method can invigorate the circulation of t2dm, strong teeth, avoid loose teeth.

5, as for nails, nail can also as usual, the nail is the Angle of the epithelium, there is no "scissors wind" problem.

6, breast-feeding, the former used warm water to clean the nipples, avoid by all means use soap, alcohol, detergent, etc., so as not to remove protection of nipple and areola skin natural film, causing cracked nipples, affect lactation.

, exercise to appropriate

sports is a good way of recovery.But postpartum mother body weak, too early, too long time games happen some side effects, such as can lead to the uterus, bladder, rectum, and to cause the symptom such as uterine prolapse.So I suggest, postpartum mother movement is important to note.Absolutely not impatient, to help restore elasticity and pelvic muscle tension as the goal.General postpartum 7 days to do some small movement.

want confined to sit well, this a few things to do, out of the confined ten years younger

1, the appropriate activities can strengthen the contraction of the uterus, promote uterine recovery in situ, can also promote the repair of endometrium and the excretion of lochia, accelerate wound healing.And can prevent postpartum diseases such as uterine prolapse

2, appropriate activity can promote bladder function recovery, postpartum urine, prevent urinary system infection

3, mothers need more nutrition, normal gastrointestinal function to guarantee the normal absorption of nutrients.Appropriate activities to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, restore gastrointestinal function, prevent constipation, hemorrhoids is beneficial

4, postpartum as long in bed motionless, it is easy to cause the formation of the lower limb vein inflammation and thrombosis, so postpartum must pay attention to exercise, strengthen circulation system function, improve cardiopulmonary function, is of great help to restore physical

5, the amount of activity is very important for preventing postpartum obesity

want confined to sit well, this a few things to do, out of the confined ten years younger

6, postpartum knew early

if you feel good after giving birth, with the approval of the doctor, you can be in after 4 ~ 6 weeks, restorative life.But because China's many doctors recommend at least 2 years of pregnant again after cesarean section is safe, so, you must strict attention to postpartum contraception.

in fact, in before menstruation recovery, new mummy's ovary may have oviposit, it already has the basic conditions of pregnancy.Life is indeed a lot of people think that women in lactation don't come to menstruation, will not pregnant, so don't contraception, but the results caused by accidental pregnancy.

in pregnant again after a short time, due to the uterine wall has not yet returned to normal, muscle tissue of the uterus is soft, not easy shrink, when do stream of people surgery is associated with the mechanical damage, excessive bleeding and perforation of the uterus complications.Especially new mommy cesarean delivery, though uterine wall edge has been healing after the operation, but because of scar to replace the original muscle tissue, danger occurred more often in induced abortion.So the new mother must carefully oh!

want confined to sit well, this a few things to do, out of the confined ten years younger

7, postpartum 42 days to check

what postpartum 42 days to check check?

want confined to sit well, this a few things to do, out of the confined ten years younger

postpartum 42 days is mother postpartum an important examination time, mother after birth, a lot of changes in the body will naturally, hormone and body constitution, etc., is different and non pregnant state.So postpartum mom needs a period of time, to make the reproductive organs and body to a non pregnant state (except breast), the physiological changes about 42 days to complete, this paragraph of time is called the puerperium.

puerpera can recover the same, is the key stage in puerperium.In this period, it is important to note that completes the puerperium care, in order to better complete the postpartum recovery.Check your postpartum 42 days?New moms in 42 days mainly check the weight, blood pressure, routine urine and blood tests, pelvic organs checks, contraceptive guide etc.At the same time, the baby of 42 days to do check, check mainly routine inspection and the nervous system.

a mother, postpartum 42 days check project

1, the said weight: this is one of the most simple project, but don't ignore.Weight is the most convenient to self-test health standards, new mother might as well have a convenient scale at home, always concerned about their weight and balance their own meals.

2, measuring blood pressure: adult normal blood pressure is 120/80 MMHG.Mother is blood pressure before and after pregnancy is the same.Some moms with gestational hypertension.Postpartum, average blood pressure will return to new levels.If the blood pressure has not yet returned to normal, should be timely find out the reason, symptomatic treatment.

3, routine urine: risk of pregnancy poisoning and mother feel urinate discomfort at the time, routine urine examination needs to be done.On the one hand, to see if the pregnancy poisoning has returned to normal, on the other hand can check the bladder discomfort mother whether such as urinary tract infections.

4, routine blood: the mother of pregnancy with anemia, and postpartum hemorrhage, to review the blood routine, such as anemia, should be timely treatment.If symptoms such as fever's mother also need to undertake the blood routine examinations, is easy to determine whether body have inflammation.

5, pelvic organ check: check pelvic organs, as the most important postpartum 42 days to check one of the most can see mother postpartum recovery.

eight, have a good state of mind confined

1, postpartum depression can heal if you just postpartum depression, let your mood calm, waiting for the body to adapt to changes in hormone levels.2, create a healthy postpartum recovery environment when you come home from the hospital, to limit the people come to see you.Turn off your phone, create for himself a quiet, leisurely and healthy recreation environment.

want confined to sit well, this a few things to do, out of the confined ten years younger

3, light and nutrition postpartum diet nutrition is rich and delicate food, enjoy the relatives to take care of the family, thank you for a meal a meal nutrition and love.

4, moderate exercise happy mood to do housework and physical exercise.It can not only transfer attention, no longer focused on baby or upset things, but also can make the body happy automatically generated elements, make mommy happy mood from inside and outside.Don't use the traditional approach to new mothers, not down, can't go out, can't work, even can't see the TV, these new mothers more feel life dull and monotonous exacerbate depression.

5, cherish every opportunity to sleep mommy to learn how to create a variety of conditions, allow yourself to sleep.Sometimes, even half an hour of sleep can also bring you good mood!When the baby fell asleep, mother do not to wash, and should take the time to sleep, even repose?By this time and always remember to turn off your phone, don't let it disturb the mommy baby good night's sleep.

6, help and ask for help on the one hand, the new mother's family don't just immersed in the add new baby happy and ignore the new mother's psychological change.Talk to accompany the new mom, tell her parenting experience in time, avoid panicky, nervous panic.New mothers, on the other hand, must learn to seek her husband, family and friends for help.Want to know, at this time, everyone is willing to help you, as long as you say it out!

7, self psychological adjustment after the baby, the mother's values will change, expectations of yourself, for her husband, the baby will be more close to reality, even outlook on life will become more practical and accept all these are beneficial to help mom get rid of negative emotions.Do something you enjoy, such as magazines, listening to music, forget trouble in own hobby.

8, empathy, understand each other because the new baby, a new father will feel a lot of pressure, they will become more hard work, new mothers to understand the hard work and dedication to the family of her husband, don't think that only their "judging".And her husband also should understand his wife to take care of the baby with the change of postpartum body hard, take the initiative to share housework, don't throw it to the wife.Between husband and wife to mutual understanding and communication, don't put dissatisfaction with each other in the heart.

9, brave face, scientific treatment if mommy postpartum depression symptoms, under the guidance of a doctor in a timely manner to antidepressant drugs, don't underestimate the risks of depression.

want confined to sit well, this a few things to do, out of the confined ten years younger

10, expect to have a good time and bad time in life such as optimism, joy, success, happiness, not only the good times and mood, also have sorrow, depression, pain, vacant, failures, and unfortunately, the key is whether we can with optimism and healthy attitude to our circumstances.The arrival of a new life not only brought joy to new mothers, more bring the hard work, responsibility, and endless toil and worry about.The baby is the source of the mother's hope, his health and happiness is closely related to mommy performance today.

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