Painful lesson for many times, why there are so many old people like to use this kind of pants?Please hand

the weather is getting hot, a lot of families and sparked a PK battle wear or not wear open-backed pants!Of the older people think: wear open-backed pants, permeability, and conducive to training children defecate micturition;Young parents say: wear open-backed pants is not health.

children dressed in open-backed pants can not only cool, can also prevent children urine trousers, although seemingly easy, but actually hides a great harm.

a case: in September 2013, in yong hui supermarket MinHou sugarcane, 3 years old boy wear open-backed pants down escalator falls, the boy was task "chicken chicken".

case 2: in October 2015, who lives in ezhou two-year-old tingting wear open-backed pants sit rice sprout heap of grain in the body, to uncover her nakedness purulent blood is very scary.And because the particles rooted deeper, in surgery to remove it.

painful lessons for many times, why there are so many old people like to use this kind of pants? Please punches

case 3: in April 2016, xiamen, xi xi a just a year old, because it was getting hot, grandpa's grandmother afraid of children with urinary bag bag stuffy heat rash, that give the child open-backed pants, doctor analysis, therefore, let the children in the process of hang out or swim, from the outside world on the acuteness wet wart virus infection, this just got venereal diseases in children, acuteness wet wart.

open-backed pants so "welcome" the old man, is nothing but it is very convenient, urine for elders to save something.And feel that children don't have to wear nappies running around all day, play will be relatively happy.However, seems to be convenient but it damage to the health of children is very large.As a doctor, actually is not suggested to children wear open-backed pants.The baby wear open-backed pants, tend to have the following hidden trouble.

painful lessons for many times, why there are so many old people like to use this kind of pants? Please punches

1. increases the risk of genital injury

no isolation protection clothes and diapers, children and in active period, climbing, crawling, stumbling, prone to collision and friction, lead to injury.In clinic, and we will come across a child of the scrotum cut by a sharp object.

2, urinary system infection

as children the growth of the age, activity level, they may sit anywhere, sometimes play sand, slide, you accidentally with dirt.Especially female baby, urethral short straight characteristic is easy to make the bacteria or foreign body into the urethra, or even the vaginal opening.Which can lead to urinary tract infections, vulvitis and vaginitis.

3 is not conducive to train baby defecation

open-backed pants is not good for baby to develop good bowel habits, because a squat, where still use to suppress for the toilet.The baby in his defecate indiscriminately, elders hard points finish cleaning.But if in public, it becomes a public environment, belong to the uncivilized behavior.

4 reduce a child's sense of privacy

for a child, since the childhood don't expose the genital way of wearing, will let the child form the concept of privacy, understand what part of the body is not open to let people see, so, this is to prevent the baby being sexually assaulted an important factor.

painful lessons for many times, why there are so many old people like to use this kind of pants? Please punches

5 and boy fall in love with a "masturbation"

in open-backed pants, baby see their extra "a piece of meat will feel curious, then go to touch it," little brother "erections to curiosity, then touch, so easy to" addiction ".

in addition to these potential hazards, let small fart fart Lou in the outside all day, everywhere, climb, will also be adults took turns, certainly will increase the risk of genitals infection, light person can feel itching, vulvitis, urinary tract infections, diarrhea...Weight will be some terrible bacteria infection, and even sexually transmitted diseases.

ten thousand, not afraid of ten thousand afraid every child is the parents' heart treasure, who want the best care, the best love for their children, to say goodbye to open-backed pants from the beginning, in the right way to love children.

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