Treasure mom should know: babies cry 16 kinds of signals

treasure mom should know: the baby cried the 16 kinds of signal

treasure mom should know: the baby cried the 16 kinds of signal

baby cry will talk is the most worry, don't know why the baby cry, didn't eat satisfied?Have you been ill?Where does it hurt?Treasure mom speculation, various coax, various calm, using various methods, likely to calm down.So pleasant things today for a baby's mother to sort out the cause of the baby crying, let mother can quickly correct comfort baby!

treasure mom should know: the baby cried the 16 kinds of signal

1, physiological crying

express meaning: I'm fine, in good health!

normal crying: cadence voice, very loud and clear, and have a sense of rhythm;

to cry and no tears, eat, sleep and play is very good, every time cry time is very short, but more frequently.

as long as this lightly touching him, smile to him, or put his two hands in the abdomen gently shake twice, the baby will stop crying.

physiologic crying is a special kind of movement way of the baby, it is beneficial to the health of the baby:

to reinforce lung activity, namely, breathe in more fresh oxygen, carbon dioxide out of the body.

to accelerate blood circulation, promote the metabolism of the body, thus promote the growth and development.

to promote the development of the nervous system, make the conditioned reflex gradually formed, enhanced intelligence.

the appetite, promote gastrointestinal digestion and absorption ability.

2 , need crying

this is divided into two kinds of a hungry and thirsty.

sexual hunger crying : crying with begging, voice from small to large, very rhythmic;

as long as the hand touch the baby's cheek, or mouth, he will immediately turn head, open your mouth to get something to eat, and sucking action;If mother hands open, didn't give nursing, baby will cry more.

express meaning: I'm hungry, and fed me quickly!

mother should hurry to nurse the baby.As long as give milk to eat, crying stop immediately.

thirst sex crying : baby dry lips, occasionally small tongue licking my lips, and seem to be very irritable.

express meaning : I'm thirsty, give me to drink some water!

my mom for water to feed the baby immediately, after feeding the water immediately stopped crying.

3 , too full crying

mostly happens after feeding, the baby cries, pointed, two legs and feet angrily,

picked up after his lips to milk or milk, or even vomiting.

express meaning : to feed me too much, my good XiaoDu belly bulge!

mother then don't need to coax baby, cry baby can promote digestion.

4 , diapers, wet crying:

crying is not too big, and no tears when crying, two legs 1 vigorously kicked, occurs mostly in waking up or after eating milk.

express meaning : I'm wet, very comfortable, quick change for me!

if mom to change the clean diaper baby don't cry.

5 , body cold crying:

crying doesn't ring, relatively low load but have rhythm, baby cry when move the body, hands and feet feel some cold lips some itch.

express meaning : it's too cold, give me more cover some quilt!

when mother for baby quilts, clothing, or put him in a warm place, baby don't cry.

6 , hot body crying

baby cries a lot, look, little dancing in the arms and legs straight, the neck has a lot of sweat.

express meaning : hot dead I, quick cover less for me!

mom to lose baby clothes or be placed in a cool place, the baby will soon be quiet.

7 , drowsiness crying

baby of a position a impatient howling, eyes without the god, eyes open, also not too love tend to occur in many noisy, air pollution or too hot.

express meaning : I'm tired, let me sleep!

when my mother put the baby in a quiet and relaxed, the baby can be quiet, stop crying to sleep.

8 , to mother crying

crying and fiddling while Rome burns, with vibrato, very rhythmic, baby's head kept turning, a "look around", if the mother walked to the front, for the desire of the mother reveals look, although smaller crying, but still hum chirp incessantly.

express meaning : mom, quick baby come to me!

9 , crying pain with

a good baby, originally a sudden sharp cries.

express meaning : there is something in me!!!!!!!

this is caused by foreign body tingling, insect bites, or hard pressure on your baby, mother should carefully check the baby bedding and clothing of the presence of foreign bodies, on the skin for insect bites.

10 , disease crying

started crying in the night, the baby always wake in the night, crying for a while, sleep for a while, is far from being tranquil, like a frightened;It is cry often sleep, cry, eyes closed, limb jitter at the same time.

express meaning : why do I always sleep not sink?The baby may be short of calcium, mom needs to the baby calcium supplements.

11 , paroxysmal crying

baby crying suddenly and violently.This unusual the crying, bouts of how also can't coax, crying when the pale face, face the pain, a bended leg lying position.After a while the baby can play or quiet sleep, but time intervals for a period of intense crying again.

express meaning : my XiaoDu belly pain is dead!

the baby may develop intussusception, mom should hurry up with the baby.

12 , sudden scream crying

baby screaming cries, face with blue, limb muscles jitter.Has a history of birth asphyxia, or birth injury.

express meaning : I've got a pain in my head too, too!There may be cerebral hemorrhage or ischemic encephalopathy, go to the hospital.

13 , crying with scratching

baby crying big and high, in the night, always shaking her head, when crying or scratching their heads.

express meaning : my ears are too painful!

may suffer from acute otitis media, external auditory canal furuncle swollen, if the ear canal purulent secretion five set aside more confirmed the disease, need to find a doctor right away.

and suddenly, hernia baby crying

baby ever had a hernia, suddenly burst out, should be timely to surgical treatment.

express meaning : my hernia again!

the baby may be happened hernia incarcerated, should be timely to surgical treatment.

15 , crying with salivate

the baby began to salivate, or than had previously been salivating greatly increased, and feed a given something to eat with.

express meaning : my mouth is very painful!

mother check the baby's mouth, and may have mucosa ulcer, herpes.

16 and crying to cough and gasp the

baby continuous bursts of nasty cry, and oral turned purple, his breath difficult, sometimes accompanied by fever.

express meaning : really, I couldn't breath!

this means that the baby may be suffering from pneumonia, must go to hospital for treatment.

dear mother, you know?

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