Do you think children safe at school?Punish children in kindergarten teachers give their children an unknown liquid injection


every mom and dad have a handheld devices, the baby's safety is my parents care about the number one priority.Many parents feel that sent her children to school, the child is not running is safe, but that isn't the case.

yesterday, some media reported, tongxiang a kindergarten taipans children reflect, not obedient at school will ask lined up to take off pants injections.

at first, the parents are not very care about, thought is the child not obedient, in kindergarten teachers frighten children in this way.Children reflect many times after the parents carefully check the original children really have pinhole in the behind.

a stone up, cooperates the kindergarten parents interact with each other, only to find that children are similar.So angry call the police, the police rapid response, in the school with the parent, director and others search, found the needle, look from the picture of the fact that the needle liquid in blue-green in color.

online this comment in succession:

at present, the case remains to be solved, the children is in the hospital for inspection.Chief parenting division will continue to focus on for you.

small make up a words:

the teacher is the most glorious career under the sun, the teacher this profession is sacred, not every teacher is sacred.

of course, we also can't because a contingency demonized teacher, more should learn is how to protect their children.

a child, do a bosom friend.Although the child's world view has not yet formed, a lot of ideas not childish, but parents should respect their children's world, encourage them to speak their ideas and experience.

2, trust their children.Believe what their children say, no matter how absurd, how ridiculous, should show the attitude of trust, coupled with his own judgment, and the fact that do next step.Only trust kids, kids will trust you.

3, education child in danger or any dangerous thing involved, regardless of the perpetrator is anyone should brave said "no".Allow kids kick up a fuss, throwing things, noticed by others.

4, find a good school.


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