Science for pregnancy, assuming that monthly ovulation period of validity, according to the method 1 is good pregnancy success

immediately 28 this year, many students around friends have kids, married a year and a half to start preparing the body conditioning, used to have super severe dysmenorrhea, finally through the meridians, with acupuncture therapy, Chinese medicine dysmenorrhea recuperated well.

Chinese medicine dysmenorrhea in several different situations, one kind is implement qualitative sex pathological change, may be uterine ovarian organ damage caused.The western medicine can be found by inspection.Another kind is gas blood deficiency or liver depression and qi stagnation caused by the functional dysmenorrhea.This kind of traditional Chinese medicine pulse or their symptoms can be judged.I after a month of regulate, originally each pain to cry dysmenorrhea has improved a lot, now completely pain.

there is a little cold palace, this can be recuperated through moxibustion.Are sold online tools, their use is very convenient.

basic sure can give the baby a warm environment, my husband and I to do the pregnancy check, but the husband didn't check my sperm vitality, because he felt embarrassed.We are in the community family planning bureau to do the kind of society free check-ups.No eugenic four, tangle was also want to go to the hospital check, finally through understanding, the four healthy birth is in order to screening the body have some virus affect fetal development, but may not now, but when you will over time during pregnancy were infected, on the other hand, perhaps now have, but did not have a period of time, unless you checked immediately after pregnancy, so think.Haven't found out.Check the result that I have a second cervical erosion, their basic did not feel at ordinary times, do B timeout after know had a little bit of menstrual bleeding.But the doctor didn't say let treatment, we find information through oneself, think of the impact is not big, no it, so the basic will not affect pregnancy.

etc ready these cancelled the contraceptive measures, the first month in the 5 days of oviposit period arrangement, every other day no ovulation, because a lot of people say that the more nervous is not easy, so I didn't pay too much attention.The results of the first month was dashed.

decided to test the second month of ovulation, never used before, the results of measurement time oviposit period has missed, the test for a few days more and more shallow color, the software prompts the oviposit day color is very shallow, once thought at that time oviposit test paper there is a problem, ha ha.The second month also fell through.

science for pregnancy, assuming that monthly ovulation period of validity, according to the method 1 is successful pregnancy

missed ovulation, so because of their success is successful, the pregnancy are missed.

3 months, ovulation, not only is the basal body temperature measurement.Because oviposit period is 14 days before he came to the big aunt, if big aunt period of 30 days, on the day of ovulation should begin from aunt number 16 days or so, so aunt clean every day since I was measured after ovulation.

science for pregnancy, assuming that monthly ovulation period of validity, according to the method 1 is successful pregnancy

January 24, I was the last period, which began on February 1 ovulation.Every time I use David card, the basic measure to weak Yang, but suddenly to February 9, 12 o 'clock when measuring the strong Yang, actually software tip 8 ovulation, so software tips are for reference only, we should accurately know ovulation time points, by sperm egg survival time, probably just eight hours a month of conception.

my husband gave me a formula.

known egg fertility activity 8 hours, assuming that oviposit period 7 days a month, a total of 7 * 24 = 168 hours, valid for 8 hours, the hit probability of 1/21, or 5%,

once a day,

monthly hit probability is 1-0.95 ^ 7 = 20.17%,

half year hit ratio is 1 - (1-0.2) ^ 6 = 73.79%,

when the ratio is 1 - (1-0.2) ^ 12 = 93.13%,

according to the car than snow, law of large Numbers, not pregnant may still occur, so it's hard to ah.

if really let nature take its course, the probability is obvious.

here is the point!!!!!!

to ovulation will be measured every two or three hours when the strong Yang once, why?A weaker strong Yang Yang when ovulation.Seize the exact time of ovulation, ensure within 8 hours, or even conceived within 6 hours, and I heard that the easier the faster after ovulation conception is a boy.Everyone to strong Yang after ovulation time, someone may be a few hours, more than a dozen hours of ovulation, but I'm from 9 to 12 noon strong thing straight until 6 PM 10 are strong Yang, had 30 hours.Suddenly see posts written test to strong Yang rope skipping can help as soon as possible after ovulation, I will jump up in the home, jumped around 500 (don't exercise for a long time, leg pain for several days), but at 9 PM with David card oviposit test paper to color a little lighter, but is not very clear, also cannot determine whether ovulation, but have obvious feel anal the belly, also is the feeling of ovulation.The eggs break can have a small amount of liquid into the pelvic cavity at the bottom of the follicles, and slightly up the anus sank bilge feeling, some still can feel the light side of the lower abdomen pain (ovulation).

this time oviposit test paper is used up, I would buy brand with a random testing, actually is the weak Yang, be made at that time, I don't know because the brand is different, different colors have been measured, and have been really row.AA a hurry arrangement.This time is 11 at 1 o 'clock.Assumptions just measuring accurately, should take about 3 hours, if wait until the next morning to AA would certainly missed a ovulation.

again, big probability of conceiving time only 8 hours after ovulation, older, may be shorter.So grab ovulation accurate time really very very important.

basic have AA, because a few days before the test to the time of ovulation, both were exhausted after AA, behind is no make up a missed lesson.

therefore I should be 10 9 p.m ovulation, so wait for 11 days after ovulation, namely 21 test for a pregnancy test, have the idea of grey, 13 days after ovulation (23) had measured two stripes obviously, 14 days after ovulation, which is today (my aunt) measured by deep two stripes.Determine to be pregnant, ask a doctor friend, said that if there is no bleeding, no intense abdominal pain, etc. Again to go to the hospital B exceeds 60 days.

science for pregnancy, assuming that monthly ovulation period of validity, according to the method 1 is successful pregnancy

me about below symptoms:

basic no symptoms in fact this several days after ovulation.Because to meet the needs of the fertilized egg to bed for a few days time, probably is 5 days after ovulation feel chest soften slightly, other didn't feel anything.11 days after ovulation, have been measured, just feel thirsty, sleepy, hungry fast these symptoms, so I suggest everyone to relax before didn't measured, keep basic psychological effect is the set of symptoms.

these are my spare some careful got pregnancy to pregnancy.

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