Baby in the 9 kinds of emergency "first aid", mother must learn!


if the baby food card into the throat, how to do?

baby if eat small pieces of food, or snacks, pistachio nuts, peanuts, sugar, and so on items, will cause the trachea.Adults at home at this time, the foreign body is likely to think of is the first time to dig out, this method must not to try, because a carelessly is likely to push foreign body of trachea is more deep, let the child life in more of a threat.

this time, if it is within 1 year old baby, parents need to bring the child's feet to immediately, let the baby upside down, the body impending, began to pat the baby on the back by hand.Or this time, with haim Eric first aid method is also effective.(over the age of 1, haim's first aid method can also be)

if the baby hand fell down, at this time of bleeding?

baby accidentally fell down, or scratched by something.If only a small wound, parents should be the first time for baby wash the wound with physiological saline, if the wound is very shallow, this time don't need to dress, because to air instead more conducive to wound healing.But if the wound area is larger, the wound is deep, the parents with physiological saline sterilization after immediately to a hospital, let the doctor help for further processing.

saline pharmacy can buy into, very cheap.

baby from the bed, or other high fell, parents should be the first time?baby meet the 9 kinds of emergency

once the child fell down, many parents first move is absolutely and feel hurt.In fact, this mistake.After the children fall on the ground, don't immediately picked up the child, the parents should choose to observe children of 10 seconds;Look at children have wound bleeding, if so, the parents do the simple processing immediately.

after the baby up, guide the baby to move hands and feet, and see if there is not feeling well.Even if the baby does not have any discomfort, parents also want close observation for 24 hours, your baby have a lethargy, vomiting and other symptoms.

fall later, swelling, injury to knead?baby meet the 9 kinds of emergency

if just cast is swollen, must must must not use hand rub the wound, because it will increase the extent of the hematoma.The right thing to do is cold within 48 hours, if not more than 48 hours to do the processing of cold, not eliminate lump, parents must be hot compress, let off lump.

baby nosebleeds, how to deal with?

the original in stores met a little girl nosebleeds.Parents let the baby looked up, the result is bleeding all flow to the baby's mouth.More and more and nosebleed.In fact, when touching the child nosebleeds, parents must not let the child looked up and stop the bleeding.Because it's so easy to get the blood the robber trachea and even the lungs, causing serious consequences.

this time, should be ice compress nose with a cold towel, can use cold water to wash your nose.But, the position of the first stopped bleeding, bleeding will need to use the pressure side of the finger to the direction of the nasal septum more than 5 minutes, this time in the treatment is meet the 9 kinds of emergency

if there is no bleeding, parents need to immediately to the hospital, let the doctor to help stop the bleeding.

baby should wipe after scald burn medicine?

baby after burn, the parents must use cold water scald in 15 minutes or so, the process not to touch the wound by hand.If you have any clothes to cover wound, parents should use scissors to cut open.If the burn is serious, parents after finished cold water processing, with home clean gauze wrap the wound good, immediately.If you don't serious burns, parents can touch burns meet the 9 kinds of emergency

what wind, do not use soy sauce and so on of the wound, must use specialized burn ointment, lest cause secondary damage of the children.

there is foreign body into the inner ear, how should handle?

this time, if there is a foreign body into the inner ear.Parents must not handle yourself, use cotton swabs or TaoErShao to pay.Accurate method is, the child's parents have ears down, if foreign body they can come out all right, if not, immediately to a hospital, let ent pediatrician.

mosquito bites, drive midge products can apply?baby meet the 9 kinds of emergency

the summer is coming soon, baby small meat so tender and will inevitably be mosquito bites.When parents choose to darling drive midge products must choose special baby, don't choose the adult toilet water or mosqulio repellent for baby, because of the different components, some of them are not suitable for use in children.

eyes into the foreign body inside, need to do?

the eyes into the foreign body inside, must tell the baby do not knead by hand.This time the parents to prepare some warm water, flush the eyes for your baby.This can also choose to saline flushing, to have a slightly longer when they are washed.

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