Teach you what to do with neonatal jaundice changsha professional confined center?


what is a newborn jaundice?Neonatal jaundice is normal?Need treatment?What are the symptoms?These are many novice parents don't know.Don't but heart, professional confined by the changsha center below hundred yue health teach you what to do with neonatal jaundice?

teach you what to do with neonatal jaundice changsha professional confined center?

professional confined center will teach you what to do with neonatal jaundice in changsha?

neonatal jaundice is a kind of very common disease, neonatal medicine on the month before (birth) within 28 days of neonatal jaundice, called neonatal jaundice, neonatal jaundice is refers to the neonatal period, because of bilirubin metabolism disorder, cause blood bilirubin levels, and in the skin, mucous membrane and sclera jaundice disease characterized, the disease has physiological and pathological.Physiological jaundice in 2 ~ 3 days after birth, 4 ~ 6 days, the height of the 7 ~ 10 days faded, premature duration is longer, except a slight loss of appetite, no other clinical symptoms.If 24 hours after birth the jaundice, serum bilirubin daily rise more than 5 mg/dl (mg / 100 ml) or per hour & gt;0.5 mg/dl (100 mg/ml).Long time, the full moon & gt;2 weeks, premature babies & gt;Still 4 weeks, or even continue to deepen aggravating or fade after repeated or a weeks to a few weeks after birth began to appear icteric, are the pathological jaundice.

the proportion of newborns with jaundice is as high as 80%, so there are "ten children eight yellow" such a word.Novice parents most in need to know is how to prevent jaundice jaundice and how to care of the baby.

full-term neonatal jaundice normal is 12.9 mg/dl (100 mg/ml).

premature infant jaundice normal for bilirubin is lower than 15 mg/dl (100 mg/ml).

baby's jaundice values on the high side is normal?Need not to need to go to the hospital?

if the diagnosis of jaundice for a living, it is not need special treatment can recover on its own, there will be no sequela after healing.But if it is a pathological jaundice is serious, is likely to cause serious diseases such as nuclear jaundice, endanger life, need to go to a hospital.

neonatal jaundice culprit?

physiological jaundice

1, excess bilirubin

2, liver of bilirubin intake reduce

3, the combination of bilirubin obstacle

pathological jaundice

1, the red blood cell damage too much (ABO hemolytic jaundice)

2, liver function is low

3, abnormal bilirubin discharge

teach you what to do with neonatal jaundice changsha professional confined center?

professional confined center will teach you what to do with neonatal jaundice in changsha?

neonatal jaundice symptoms

physiological jaundice

1, jaundice in 2-3 days after birth began to emerge.

2, jaundice, gradually deepened, in 4 to 6 days up to a peak, after lifting.

3, born full-term newborns, jaundice in 2 weeks after birth, premature infants generally in three weeks after birth.

4, generally not deep jaundice degree and the skin color was light yellow, jaundice is often limited to the face and upper body, jaundice children generally in good condition, when temperature is normal, normal appetite, urine color is normal, normal growth and development.

5, the serum bilirubin more than 2 mg/dl, normal but less than 12 mg/d1.

pathological jaundice

1, jaundice in early time, within 24 hours after birth.

2, jaundice faded time too late, last time is too long, more than normal fading away, or jaundice has receded and appear, or jaundice fade after the rush hour and progression.

3, the degree of jaundice is overweight, often spread to the whole body, skin and mucous membrane obviously yellow.

4, check the serum bilirubin, bilirubin over 12 mg/dl, or rise too fast, a day to rise more than 5 mg/dl.

5, in addition to the jaundice, associated with other abnormalities, such as mental tired, cry less, less, eat less or body temperature is not stable, etc.

after the above understanding, the novice parents how to care and prevention of jaundice baby?Then the following professional confined by the changsha center hundred yue health popularization for everyone.

how do I care?

1, eat more milk, more defecation

let the child sucks, eat more milk, guarantee the intake, urination, defecation more stimulate the child make the bilirubin eduction body outside, can effectively reduce jaundice rise speed, not jaundice is aggravating, even to the point of need phototherapy.Especially in three days, until her baby is born out of the black is meconium, tire feces has a lot of bilirubin, so three days before to let the children to eat more, stimulating bowel movements, as far as possible within three days will be meconium clean, jaundice is not too heavy.

2, the sun

because of the sunshine and phototherapy is similar, phototherapy is blue, blue light can be effective in the treatment of jaundice, also has an element of blue light in sunlight, so have some to fall the action of jaundice.Note that the kids around her genitals with a diaper bag, and other parts of the body is exposed to blue light in the sun.

3, sufficient water

every day in newborn 6-8 times urinate, contribute to the excretion of bilirubin.Jaundice, can give the sugar water to supply heat, protect the liver.

4, pay attention to health

shall guarantee the clean skin, avoid damage infection.Exchange transfusion, ought to be in after disinfection of aseptic operating room, carried out in accordance with the procedures related to the operation, and have the necessary drugs and emergency blood.teach you what to do with neonatal jaundice changsha professional confined center?

professional confined center will teach you what to do with neonatal jaundice in changsha?

how to prevent?

1, for ever fertility jaundice, women can take Chinese traditional medicine for prevention.

2, pregnant women with a history of hepatitis, need to closely monitor the change of antibodies in their blood.Before and after childbirth, and the baby to himself all the need for close monitoring.

3, if the couple blood type, have the neonatal hemolytic jaundice.At this point need to amniotic fluid and serum of newborn assay, to prevent the disease.

4, observing neonatal sclera, and decide when to have disease and when to retreat, can be detected early jaundice.

5, pregnant women should have often sleep, eating regularly, don't eat cold and stimulating food, to prevent physical damage and affect the next generation.

6, be careful not to let the newborn catch cold.At the same time, nursing time to start to properly in advance.

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