"That thing" after pregnancy to do?90% of people are doing wrong


pregnant "that thing did you do?"Comments about your own experience, let us make progress together.

through all kinds of textbooks and the spread of information, most parents know that you can't knew after pregnancy, however, the latest research proves that pregnancy proper right to do "it" is completely possible.

pregnant how to do

" that thing "can promote the affection between husband and wife, many would-be mother worried, also worry that the husband can withstand lonely, October conceived in doing ideological struggle and not feel tired.Pregnancy knew not to say that I could not actually, just want to period of time, early pregnancy after late pregnancy had better not knew, knew mid pregnancy can be appropriate.

what are the advantages of pregnancy to do that?

1, pregnancy do right "that thing" can promote the expectant mothers happy hormone secretion, to reach the happy moments we expectant mothers, also can feel the baby, he will be very happy oh, but also can make women more luster of the skin.

2, knew a moderate amount of health during pregnancy can help create, studies have shown that pregnant women have couples living in forty telomerase production is higher than 6.7% higher than that of didn't do it, we all know that more than 40 pregnant didn't need the aid of artificial has given rise to a week.

pregnant how to do

do that during pregnancy should pay attention to?

although mid pregnancy can come together again, but still has a lot of attention, the most important are the following, we must pay attention to.

1-3 months of pregnancy or to be avoided, placenta and uterus adhesion at this time is not particularly strong, at this time if the action is too large or the stimulus is too high, it is easy to cause the placenta, causing a miscarriage.

4-6 months pregnant, can lay appropriately, but note that the expectant fathers don't pressure to the pregnant belly, don't be rude, must correct posture, otherwise easy to abortion.

7 to 9 months in the late pregnancy can't again, otherwise it will lead to premature birth.As long as no abortion, actually knew itself is not impact on the fetus.

all still to be decided according to oneself circumstance pregnant women, in this paper, the results only from the scientific research data, this is not for everyone, "that thing" during pregnancy, doing and not doing the actual situation.

pregnant how to do

finally give expectant fathers said 1: the female life child is not easy, pregnancy must give her enough confidence, let her feel happy and safe, to dispel the fears of his wife was afraid of you cheating.

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