Maternal placenta: is the big "magic pill" or "pseudoscience"?

qiqihar news network on April 19 (reporter Guojin wan) people all know, the placenta is for the exchange of material between mother and child during pregnancy organ.Human placenta is medicinal herbs, known as the "dried human placenta.However, on the new revision of the "Chinese pharmacopoeia", dried human placenta as medicine has been "removal".

however, in recent years, our city folk the habit of eating the placenta is still popular, even make the placenta placenta capsule, feed or maternal family, has become a common maternal relatives to maternal and complement.

on April 6, lingling citizens after six years of marriage, smooth gave birth to a son, beaming, the whole family were busy from the hospital to the child the placenta, in cold storage, refrigerator and telephone contact, a professional processing of placenta man make the placenta placenta capsule, to lingling supplements.

soon, the man is driving a gray car rushed to the hospital, and husband meet lingling, and carrying the reporters with lingling husband to the lonza area auspicious home made in a residential building of the placenta.There, reporter saw that the man will cut the umbilical cord with a knife, solidification of a blood clot inside out, with flowing water rinse the placenta, after put the placenta in a pot to boil, after boiling thoroughly bails out, drain the water, with a knife cut into small pieces, into ceramic baking dish in the microwave drying, grinding into powder, filling into capsule.1 hours 40 minutes, to bring the 180 grains of placenta capsule is made.

man explained: "the number of capsule, depending on the size of the placenta. Smaller, more than 100 pieces; large, more than three hundred grain. You brought the placenta is small, less number of placenta capsule made of."

the man said: "the placenta to fill the body effect is good. Maternal postpartum body hole, placenta special material can tonifying qi, blood, stimulate the secretion of milk, also can supplement the immunoglobulin. After made, no matter for maternal rapid supplements, or to the old man with asthma in the home, or palace cold women, oral 2 times a day, 3 pills each time, all good!"And repeated assurances that their capsule shells are bought by formal channels, ensure clean.

the placenta really so magical?Interview, why do some women reflects his after eating the placenta, but rather a nosebleed, cause baby constipation?To this, each have each view, Chinese and western medicine has been controversial.

the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine according to "compendium of materia medica" records, sees the placenta as a medicine, the virtual breath pain syndromes, deficiency of weakness, infertility, and other symptoms of liver and kidney deficiency of qi and blood, have significant curative effect.But at the same time, emphasize the internal pay attention to coordination of Yin and Yang, human body healthy if an overdose of the placenta, not only cannot have nourishing effect, it will make the imbalance of Yin and Yang in the body, interfere with normal endocrine, cause a harm to health.Suggested that suit the remedy to the case, vary from person to person, appropriate "supplements".

while many western medicine thinks, "the placenta no nutritional value, and pork is!"JHF Zheng Shaohai, vice President of the hospital, said: "the placenta itself is placental lobule and fibrous tissue, no nutrition, particularly after high temperature heating, these organizations are carbonized, organizations do not have what work, nutrients are destroyed, even has not much nutrition. At this time, like mothers ate later, since it itself are carbonized, could really easy to cause constipation. But can invigorate the circulation, cause the nose bleeding, is don't want to come, may be a coincidence, no side effects."He personally think the placenta nothing nutritional value, is not recommended roasting the placenta, do the placenta capsule.He said: "said placenta nutritious, there is no scientific basis, as a pseudoscience."

Zheng Shaohai, according to the human placenta medicine of traditional Chinese medicine, may have certain effect.Such as extraction of placenta tissue fluid, etc., but it is through special processing, rather than a folk high temperature, high pressure processing.So, now some of the placenta processing, is some people seek personal interests, to cater to people psychological speculation, there is no practical significance.

in addition, he also pointed out that the consumption of the placenta or placenta capsule, if the source is infected with hepatitis b, AIDS, syphilis, such as virus of maternal, might have residual placenta, decoction is hard to kill germs.In addition, the placenta is also likely to become the source of infection, in the process of production need to be careful.

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