In vitro patients experience sharing - the days when I do a test tube


five years of marriage, for pregnant for three years, haven't been able to fulfill a wish.The experience here is too much, now has studiously avoided, don't want to think of.Once dispirited and discouraged, even thought about to die alone, marriage also so once bright red.

don't understand, for ivf has not been considered.See age slowly become larger, and began to worry about the egg quality, try holding, consulting understand the idea into the reproductive center.The doctor's encouragement, waiting area patients to the news of the pregnancy success gave me the courage to give it a try.

after the decision is in accordance with the requirement of the hospital began to examine a series of system, nurses skilled DaoYi Taiwan opened for me all of the checklist, explain the matters needing attention, the key parts of the world have to note, their patience and careful gave me a lot of psychological comfort.

check completed as scheduled, we at the same time all the "mother" (please allow me to use the words to express the mood at that time) was divided into several groups, each group has a competent doctors and nurses are targeted for pregnant to guide and stimulate ovulation.Remember when I was in our group "persistent", the number of follicles, less follicles long not divide evenly, so my team doctors also specialized consultation, aiming at the condition of the I adjusted the regimen.

at last, I had surgery to take the eggs together with everybody, surgery, in fact, time is short, the degree of pain within the acceptable range.

for me, I take the eggs after the next three naive very suffering, waiting to be informed of a panic, look have match into embryos, how quality, can transplant.

finally back to go to the hospital to see the day of embryo, rushed to the hospital early in the morning, waiting for a uneasy heart, or a team of competent doctors to each patient in turn.To when I entered, the doctor told me have successful embryo, but only two eligible for transplantation, her suggestion is a better quality of the embryo, quality is a bit poor left to keep the blastocyst.I listened to the doctor's advice.

after the access to the operating room for embryo transfer in turn.The doctor said I piss just right, the transplant process is very short, no pain.After transplantation and had a rest, after hearing the doctor's advice can go home wait for news.

and then, the 14 day and long especially of suffering, counted every day to live, don't exaggerate.To the appearance of about 10 days after transplantation, the lower abdomen some small painful when forthcoming month classics.Feeling down to the bottom, he thinks must have failed, is about to come to menstruation.

the 14th day, want to go to the hospital blood pregnancy, I really don't want to go, and they were afraid to empty a joy, I was afraid that can't stand it.My husband advised me not to escape, to begin to end well.So I almost don't have any hope, just complete the task the idea of go to hospital for pregnancy.

blood after several hours, we focus on the doctor's office, when the doctor called out my name, crystal clear and friendly to say "congratulations, pregnant, blood value is very good, don't worry", a few seconds, I the whole people is meng.After a few seconds, mixed, I don't know is happy to laugh or injustice want to cry!

remember this along the way, the heart step by step!During the period of feeling is really can't tell to others, until now, my smart baby has passed two years old birthday!Recall that a period of time, still can't imagine, don't know how to stick to come over!

thank my director doctor, thank you for my smile and explain each nurse, thank the doctor tell me the good news, the smiling face, that moment, I think, I will remember for a lifetime!

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