Teach the baby learning to speak eight skills very practical, you learn quickly

look at around age child all at the end of the call "dad", "mother", while her baby from time to time, there is no "open" to the heart of mother worried.But this neighborhood friends always use "noble language late" this sentence to comfort you, treasure mom and don't seriously, this is a method of eve home you comfort.Baby language night was able to parents "seduce" inaccurate, want babies learn language easily, parents play a major learn language skills.

let the baby learn language easily eight skills

to be shy, don't you love words, in the face of the baby, also say that don't know what to say;Maybe you oneself is very talkative, and relatives and friends always have to talk about, but only in together with the baby, keep silent.Pick up these language skills, let you immediately into words Lao mama!

1, "said" to "do" to!

we mentioned below, the baby also can understand our language, so the baby hungry cry, you can say "the baby is hungry? Mother fed the baby";When you cook a meal, you can say "I'll cut lettuce, tomato, and finally is crunchy carrots";Assumptions hold him to play outside, also can see instruments pointed out to him, and inform him the title.See the car, for example, birds, you can say "I see a car, a group of birds", "auto di di di" "bird ji ji ji".In a word, no matter what you do, see what, can inform the baby, let him contact with more words.Some people say that, when the mother is nagging, ha ha, in the words of the treasure, don't nag can not.

2, pointing to say!

because the baby's vision is limited, we just see instruments inform him, he could not know what we say, the joint fingers, fingers said, pointing to our object, is advantageous for the baby.See cars, for example, the hand should be pointed to the car, perhaps with baby fingers, let him stay focus on our said objects, and then say, such consequences than Nathan said unto David, not the finger is much better.

3, don't say "baby".

not initiative application "baby", now like to eat rice, shoes, shoes, etc., but the initiative to take the normal words and sentences - eat, wear shoes, tomorrow we said "mother language", slow drawl, treble was taken to the phrase, sentence, complex and with exaggerated facial expression, such as eating, can speed up our wording "chi fan", and put the eve mouth, make exaggerated facial complexion, so much to help the baby to know words and learn language.

4, will stop the baby said the complex vocabulary expansion.

there are baby will speak in complex words, mom can be expanded to sentence, for example, the baby when they see the car said "car", mothers can answer "you're right, this is a white car".From time to time after the baby phrases, can enrich his vocabulary from time to time, until the next time, can make a more detailed depiction.Can also stop after repeated and expanded method, such as the boy said "beautiful flowers", you say "yes, it is a colorful flower, flower is bright white, it smells pretty good also, do you want to smell?"

5, to select type of questions.

as the baby long eve, your baby will ask some of the consequences, don't take complex reply "yes" or "not", but rather to select type of questions, such as "so you want to drink a glass of milk?"When he answers, you can also inform him "thank you for let me know what you want, I'll get you a cup of milk", express to inspire his idea.

6, waiting for the answer.

when the baby arrived at 1 year old, can be still used gesture, hand gesture is one of the main composition of local conducted words, and can better express themselves, you can do it through language and hand gestures, let the baby to understand the relationship between, such as when the child pointed at apple, we understand what he meant, knew he wanted to eat the apple, then we can be so much respond to him, "what do you want?"And then wait for a while, give the child a response time, a time he will answer "apple", have time don't answer, then, said, "what do you want? Apples? Yes, we have to eat the apple."So much of the action, can inspire children to participate in the dialogue.The rest, when someone to baby's question, you also need to wait for his reply, don't replace and said to him, give him more time to words.

7, baby books.

a: what time of the end points for baby reading too early.Scanning can bring him more vocabulary, can from the most complex kind of cardboard book, card at the end of the book, along with the development of the baby, gradually add the length of the story.That can be repeated browsing sentences, read catchy sentence, assist to sign words study.May take the baby to the full library bookstore, be beneficial to get into the habit of love reading.Assumptions about a certain content of the book compared feeling fun, can say some more coherent content.Like boys than hobby car, so can say more about the car work, partial repeat nagging said to him, and encouraged him to simulate what you said.

8, energetic application of music and games.

application of good music and games, about baby's language development is also beneficial.You can select some complex nursery rhymes, and he repeated sing together, those repeated sentences, he quickly line fluent expression, deserve to go up again, treasures will play very hi.Play close to identify body parts of the game, "where is your ear?""This is your mouth?"The eve, some babies can also play role playing games, such as cooking, see a doctor, such as scene, in the game, assuming that don't understand what he means, you can ask him to repeat, these games are very worth to introduce.

the baby was too slow to open the phrase, many parents worry about whether the baby is developmental consequences, suppose you have this kind of worry, should take the baby to the hospital in time to stop treatment, early treatment early invention consequences.Assumption is not development consequences, the treasure mom patient use these skills to inspire baby wording.More exchange, is the key to his "talker" form!

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