The furious, mom, I want to say to you


a recent video maxed out circle of friends.

a mother cow in the playground, when a girl stepped on his son, the mother want girls to apologize, emotional incontinence after pulling girl even beaten passers-by.

the incident led to a heated discussion in Internet users, Internet users have little rest, divided into three schools:

1. The practice of identity boy mother

reason has 3:

some netizens have said his son was stepped on, lose reason is understandable, if is yourself, will be crazy.

some netizens think that girl mother didn't apologize sincerely, always protect their children, otherwise the boy mother also not angry.Girl mother should be dragging girl, forced her to apologize to the boy mom.

there are some "bright eyes" the net friend to see the little girl and push the other children, that this girl bullying, lack of education, not a tutor, a typical social help education, parents have no education to make the children should not be let go.

2. Do not recognise the boy mother approach

child was badly hurt, girl mother attitude has been very fortunately apology, their emotions to the little girl to get out of control, and finally even passers-by to fight, his son was scared crying, too much shadow.The mother is the most terrible.

the girl's behavior is normal for kids this age, the adult to the child to do wrong.

3. Both sides are wrong

a little boy's mom's a bit too, this time should put their children good comfort, then theory, originally she is rational, but began to become unreasonable, a bit extreme.The little girl is really owe education, so the cases she also push passing another little girl dressed in flowers, is owed.The child's fault, parents shouldn't generation apologize, should education their children to know and to admit his mistake, let the child his apology.

I also see some big V comments.

with it's mother, take care of the kids in the process of we will encounter such a situation, if they are the two mom, in the face of such things how to do?In this group of mother also launched a fierce discussion.

if I were a boy mother

  1. look after his son.More than 1 year old baby play in the playground for adults in the protection, so as to avoid accidents.One thousand misfortune, even can be held accountable, their children don't still hurt?

  2. if their children itself didn't hurt also don't too care about, is easy to define your own child being bullied.Children direct conflict and is also an important way to learn communication.

  3. if their children really hurt, check the child's injury.The doctor to see a doctor, the claim is a claim, the alarm will report to the police, and hurt their children's parents, can be directly investigated can also pursue the responsibility of children's paradise.The purpose of communication is in order to solve the problem, rather than prove me wrong to you.

if I were a girl mother

  1. apologize for your child, and to see if the boy was injured, assume the responsibility, can even take the initiative to do some compensation.

  2. remind their children to play in the playground can not intentionally hurt other children, when one thousand collided, ask situation, take the initiative to let the child to apologize.

  3. with the rationale and tide wait for no man of parents, apologize to recognize the unintelligent, took the child to leave.Protecting children from harm.

subsequent and related fact, some say the girl is deliberately trample, boy abdominal surgery so mom is mad.Has revealed that girl mother took the boy to a hospital checking, boy unscathed.

we don't go to restore the truth and don't want to get to a right or wrong.Revealed here, just want to say, this kind of thing, no matter on which side, are of great harm.

for boys, their children any damage is engaged to have such a mother, who still dare to play with her child later?

the boy mother mood seriously out of control, even passers-by to play.It's hard to say whether she have postpartum depression.If there is a depression, the comments on the network to overwhelm her.

for girl, be labeled as "hegemony", "the bear children", and "barn" label, after touching her could hide the other children?

to tell you the truth, see online criticisms of the 3 years old little girl, my in the mind very sad.We have not made a mistake when they were children?We don't ever be gentle treat?

who can explain to me why do something wrong to apologize?Don't apologized won't make a mistake?How many adults apologized as continue to make mistakes or not!How many adults say "I'm sorry, I was wrong", in the heart say "Lao tze fundamental right, wrong is you"!

we why so treat a probably didn't even know what is "wrong" and why do wrong things need to be "apology" of the child?This is the rules of the adult world.

again for someone will jump out, that is her mother's problems, discipline is lax.Disciplining children really, but I want to say, was not sudden things, we can tolerate some, give the child time learning how to civilized expression and concerned about the feelings of others?

hang him, I have no intention to take sides, because no matter which side, public pressure will be made a great impact on their lives.

because position is different, each of us may be in the eyes of others "Xiong Guchang", our children can also be a "bear children" in the population.Our tolerance toward others, actually is tolerant to myself.

believe it also can make a reflection on both sides, hope everyone see this well-intentioned.

let each of us is the world gentleness.

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