Drug instructions: attention expectant fathers medication during pregnancy


she has not been pregnant 4 years of marriage.She and her husband go to a hospital checking, the doctor discovered that she too little husband sperm.Cross-examine reason, is she husband with chronic pharyngitis and chronic rhinitis, when light weight, application of antimicrobial agents, often cause sperm is a lot of damage and cause of male infertility.

it is well known that mothers-to-be before becoming pregnant and during pregnancy to take some medicine, so as to avoid to affect fetal development, and even cause deformities.But expectant fathers to drug use and drug abuse, may cause adverse effects on the fetus, the attention of people is not enough.The study showed that 10% ~ 30% of infertility is caused by drugs, many drugs can affect the quality of sperm and egg, or a fetal birth defects.Should not ignore the expectant fathers medication during pregnancy problem, must be alert for pregnant couples.Expectant fathers during application of the following drugs during pregnancy, the mother should take measures to avoid pregnancy.

a, drug-induced sexual disease

1. antiulcer drug

cimetidine (armor cyanogen mi guanidine, tagamet) and ranitidine, tied for fourth in the treatment of peptic ulcer drugs, such as to cause sexual dysfunction.Inhibits male and female sexual desire, can cause both cold and male impotence.

2. antimicrobial

erythromycin, spiramycin, midecamycin and other large ring lactone class antibiotic, reducing the the organic division frequency of testicular cells, sperm is killer, live sperm activity decreased significantly.Such as extensive use of gentamicin amino glycosides antimicrobials, can make men's sperm cell division, concentration of DNA in the sperm cells to reduce, the sperm production stop.Tetracycline, novobiocin, furan drugs, etc., are toxic to the gonads.Thiamphenicol toxin, metronidazole, ampicillin, rifampicin and ciprofloxacin, ketone health zun, etc., may enter the semen, affect fetal development.

3. calm sleeping pills

long-term use or misuse of barbital calm and not the barbiturates sleeping pills, can make women appear menstrual disorders and ovulation obstacle, men can appear loss decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, or orgasm.Chlorpromazine has increased prolactin on the hypothalamus, inhibit the secretion of gonadotropin, reduce the secretion of estrogen and testosterone.Can cause impotence in men, ejaculation difficulty, testicular atrophy, and the development of male breast disease in women can appear menstrual abnormalities, amenorrhea, etc.Larger doses used librium and stability, can cause male impotence and female menstruation to be not moved, ovulation disorders, etc.

4. antihypertensive drugs

compound antihypertension tablet and reserpine can make the organization of catecholamine depletion and produce significant sedation, which indirectly reduce the sexual desire.Long-term use of antihypertensive drugs affect the hypothalamus pituitary function, so as to inhibit sperm production and reduce sperm, no sperm, even cause infertility.Methyldopa, guanidine b organism, propranolol (propranolol), clonidine, hydralazine (hydralazine) Ming and prazosin, America and so on, can affect the erectile function, cause sexual desire to drop, impotence, ejaculation, woman menstruation to be not moved.

5. antidepressants

in the commonly used antidepressants imipramine, amitriptyline, chlorine imipramine, new type of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, and so on can lead to erectile dysfunction, ejaculation abnormal and lack of sexual desire.

6. antitumor drugs

cyclophosphamide, nitrogen mustard, vincristine, cytarabine, cisplatin, white, etc., can cause erectile dysfunction or azoospermia, female menstrual disorder and menopause will happen.MDT if use MOPP (nitrogen mustard + vincristine + + prednisone) benzyl methyl hydrazine solution treatment male lymphoma, 80% of patients with a sperm production severely reduces, testicular atrophy and serum follicle stimulating levels.Women had a 50% can happen amenorrhea.Caused by chemotherapy is the main pathological changes of testicular seminiferous tubule epithelial cells degeneration, ovarian fibrosis and follicle destruction.

7. androgen

men often give the exogenous androgen such as testosterone, inhibits male hypothalamic - pituitary - testicular axis, long-term application of isometric or large doses of testosterone, can lead to testicular atrophy, sperm production, significantly reduce, penis enlargement, etc.

8. prostate drug

in the treatment of prostatic hyperplasia drugs such as 5 - alpha reductase inhibitors finasteride tablets (Canadian) can also occur to reduce the side effects of erectile dysfunction and ejaculation.In addition, the commonly used in the treatment of prostate cancer he amine drugs such as antiandrogen fluorine (f -) affected by androgen secretion and the influence sexuality, penile erection and ejaculation.

9. diuretic

spironolactone has the effect of resistance to male hormones, if long-term use, decreased sexual function and damage sperm.Also, double hydrogen grams of urine plug also reduces sexual function;Furosemide (cefuroxime Sammy, furosemide) and butyl uric acid (styrene-butadiene oxygen acid, bumetanide) hypokalemia induced by disease, erectile dysfunction, sometimes happen but the situation can be improved after adding potassium.

10. Chinese herbal medicine

most of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a natural medicine, effective component is more complex, such as alkaloids, saponin, tannic acid, volatile oil, etc.Since it is medicine, its most will have different degrees of side effects.Tripterygium wilfordii, for example, can cause testicles into a fine tube degradation, sperm motility and significantly reduce the number.In addition, the Chinese herbal medicine can make blood alcohol in the tincture that testosterone levels drop, and can make eggs or sperm damage, deformation, its ability to reduce, stunted growth and activity.Long-term drinking also can cause impotence, without ejaculation, etc.So, often taking medicated wine also can cause infertility.

11. an aphrodisiac drug

a study shows, aphrodisiac affect sperm activity and reduce the reproductive ability of man, even sperm activity because the drug was reduced by 50%, affect fertility.Young people often use the drugs, and ultimately affect their fertility.In addition, these drugs can also be produced with testicular sperm into the vagina by sex, after vaginal mucosa absorption into the blood circulation, increase the incidence of low birth weight and deformities, increased mortality rate of perinatal fetus.

12. other drugs

prednisone (prednisone), dexamethasone, sterane, such as corticosteroids, if a large number of applications for a long time, can cause sperm sperm decrease and menstrual disorders.Anesthesia and analgesic, morphine and pethidine (demerol) can interfere with the hypothalamus pituitary system such as the adjustment process, the penis cannot erect or erect not firm, so that cannot finish sexual intercourse, and cause ejaculation disorder, cause infertility.Thyroid preparations, such as a sulfur of oxazine can cause a loss of libido, menoxenia, ovulation disorders and endocrine abnormalities, etc.Common chlorprothixene, anisodamine, atropine, digitalis, digoxin, etc can cause impotence.Drugs containing female progesterone can cause loss of libido.Take willow nitrogen sulfadiazine to treat intestinal infection male patients, 80% of patients sperm density decrease, decreased activity and increase in the number of sperm atypical form.Need to stop using a few months later, can restore fertility function.

two considerations, pregnancy before men

1. folic acid

folic acid to improve the quality of sperm, prevent fetal abnormalities.Folic acid is important material to improve the quality of sperm, when men lack of folic acid in the body, sperm concentration and sperm activity ability, makes the conception opportunity reduced.Spermatogenesis cycle for three months, for male pregnancy should be at least 3 months in advance to start taking folic acid, discontinuation after having a baby.

2. expectant fathers don't abuse drugs

some drugs can affect sperm quality or fetal birth defects, expectant father during the use of certain drugs during pregnancy, mothers should take measures to avoid pregnancy.For expectant fathers medical problems during pregnancy, it must be cause for alarm.If after expectant fathers for use during pregnancy, it is necessary to do semen examination government-run people's hospital, if can be pregnant normally, or withdrawal to check after normal semen, need to consider the pregnancy.

3. avoid career

the married man working in the field of spraying pesticide, herbicide, at least 70 days, the wife's pregnancy should be avoided.Heavy metal lead, pot, ammonia a purine, gaa Australia, epichlorohydrin, such as industrial chemicals, can affect the generation process of the sperm, therefore, before the wife became pregnant, her husband should be as little as possible contact with these chemicals.

4. do not partial eclipse

the production of sperm need high quality protein, calcium, zinc, arginine, a variety of vitamins, etc.If the partial lack of these nutrients, the formation of sperm will be affected, and even produce some low-quality sperm.

5. to rid of alcohol, tobacco,

the damage to the sperm, familiar for people, a variety of harmful substances in the smoke will kill sperm.At least 3 months before conception must be stopped drinking and smoking.

6. keep good stable mood

if often melancholy, annoyance or temper, can make the cerebral cortex function disorder, cause the nervous system, endocrine and testicular sperm production function and the function is not stable, affect sperm production and quality.

all in all, as does not affect the healthy development of the baby, in case of pregnancy, daily medication during pregnancy should be under the guidance of a doctor or pharmacist, especially between husband and wife more should be careful to use during pregnancy.2 ~ 3 months before pregnancy and pregnancy, if possible, expectant fathers best disable all drugs, the healthy way of life.

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