"The mother is superman," bao wenjin the doting mother hurt two generation

in the second quarter of the mother is superman since attracts the attention from numerous mother and refresh, I also am the mother is superman fans, each issue will see, in a few of Eva are extremely cute, but, this time rob my eye is not children, but mother - bao wenjin dumplings.


because in my eyes, bao wenjin is still a child.

recently netizens have been poking fun at bao wenjin: not to accompany her, just play with mobile phones, not dumplings for a meal, not to bathe the dumplings, with dumplings jealousness borne, a lack of respect for mother, and so on a pile of slot.

although I think bao wenjin have faults, but I was thinking, what is causing the bao wenjin lack of self-care ability's character?

I found that is my grandma.

she is the mother is a superman in superman's mother, and bao wenjin, is that be arranged on the spoiled child.

don't believe it?To look down.


when bao wenjin tell grandma, she wanted to go out alone with dumplings recording shows, his grandma opened the outcomes of care mode: put in the fridge, life is how to use this pot, what is that thing for the

bao wenjin said I know, grandma immediately with eyes full of doubt to say: "oh, you will again?"

when not all sorts of nagging, say will again not rest assured, when all sorts of doubts.

mother, this result when speaking to you.

later interviewed bao wenjin also said that when my mother to talk, only that I was too incompetent.


small after the replacement, great grandmother and worry bao wenjin forget, there's something bao wenjin said WeChat said bai, my grandma said a word" fart "(apparently bao wenjin as a long not big child).


is the departure time, my grandma and repeatedly told:" must remember to eat, take medicine, don't let me worry, take care of good children... no matter what mom said, all is for your own good "(it's all about you, what a typical Chinese parents thinking).Bao wenjin responded: "you is don't worry about dumplings? Everyone is worried about dumplings."

why did she not for mother kindness ungrateful?She is jealous?

she also said: "my mother is my most close, so close in degrading me, will be really exciting to me."


my grandma said in an interview:" in fact I most worried about is Jing Jing body... the burden of the child to her again... may be I am afraid, worried about..."

my grandma is really fuck broken heart, never let her children grow on your own, always worry about, the more want to control.

by the video of a few minutes, we can see clearly bao wenjin relationship with her mother.

my grandma is a typical Chinese family women, work hard, all sorts of worry, can not let go.

satya once said: "a person's character is formed, and her native families have inseparable relationship, and this kind of relationship will influence his whole life."

if grandma can put themselves in for the sake of bao wenjin, can let bao wenjin growth, cultivate her independence and self-care ability, bao wenjin will definitely is a responsible, know a love, can take care of their children's superman's mother.

in addition, we also can see in the show, bao wenjin once encountered something goes wrong the first thought is mom, she is always says the mother side should have much good.

visible, bao wenjin how strong the sense of attachment to his mother.

we can know a truth from bao wenjin: grasp the boundaries of love how important it is for children, the degree is very important, can not completely, also cannot excessive participation, arranged all of the children.Zhi-hong wu said that the foundation of love, is the mother to see the child's feelings, that is to say, I can feel the feelings of children, can enter the world of you, what you're feeling, want you to think, but not too much to participate in.

mom and grandma is typically arranged type, hands-on, in detail, it is conceivable bao wenjin grew up almost never participate in household chores, like she said: "mom what can do, too cattle".It also leads to the cause of her self-care ability is not strong.

actually grandma also want to know, dumplings is bao wenjin child, not their children, while bao wenjin on the role of mother is not yet mature, but be sure to give her the opportunity to grow, not everyone is born to be parents, parents also is growing while learning.

the grandmother actually is not an individual, but a group, grandma also reflect the characteristics of most of our older parents in the family, they will put up our parenting is big, and we worry about never raising the next generation, this also do that also worry about children do bad, concerned about their children that if you encounter such a mom and dad, you said to them: mom, I know you are good for us, but we have already grown up, our children will grow up, would you please give us room to grow, we were able to have the ability to deal with more complex world outside.

the birds couldn't stay in the nest, sooner or later one day she would wings to fly out to the larger, more complex, more changeable world.The outside world without parents care, so, all the parents to let children grow up independent as soon as possible, this is the real care and help to them!

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